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Harry Posted: Dec 25th 2008

I think this Wallace and Gromit Animation could be my favourite of them all. The characters are so alive and fit the scene perfectly. I don't think I have a favourite part although I do really like how Wallace gets up and ready. The sleeves on Wallace when he went down the hill were well done. I think Aardman did a fab job with the time they had to make it. It's so short for making something so good. Although people spotted mistakes they werent so obvious. So I think Aardman did fab! Well done hope we See the pair again.

Steffan Posted: Dec 26th 2008

The only little little problem i had was at the start. Gromit was on the driving side of the van and wallace on the other side and when Wallace handed over the steering wheel, Gromit was sitting where Wallace was on the other side of the van.

fluffles the poodle Posted: Dec 29th 2008

there were some great ideas and characters and i must admit it was very good but is it true that they cut quite a bit of it out-it seems a shame as each sceene takes such a long time to make and it could of done with being a little longer

GromitLovesFluffles Posted: Jan 5th 2009

Thirty minutes just isn't enough, it was so amazing.

lee-enfeild Posted: Jan 10th 2009

loved it

dachappell Posted: Jan 11th 2009

my second favourite.
wrong trousers was a bit a better, (in my opinion)

Lawrie Posted: Jan 12th 2009

I really loved it. The story was good and their were some nice ideas and gags running throughout. My favourite part is right at the end with the bomb, all my family were laughing! :D

Tbf Posted: Jan 18th 2009

I watched it on christmas day... ITS very cracking!!!:D

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