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potatoes63 Posted: Dec 27th 2008

i want a good camcorder for stop motion and i was wondering if that camcorder was good. does anyone have it? i looked it up and it supposedly has very clear stills, good manual focus, and is at a reasonable price. please respond...
oh ya and a matter of loaf and death was awesome!

Boffin Posted: Dec 31st 2008

Personally I would not use a camcorder for stop frame. I would use a good digital still camera with a good macro facility and the ability to turn off the flash. I would also use Moviemaker (free with Windows) to stitch it all together. See my blog for further details:

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 31st 2008

are you new at this????
idk why you would want to ever use a digital still camera.

Boffin Posted: Jan 1st 2009

I believe Corpse Bride was filmed using a digital still camera (Canon EOS-1D). I can't really see the advantage of using a camcorder, although I must admit I've never tried. The easiest way to get going with stop frame must be a digital still camera (which most people already have) and Windows Moviemaker, which is free. I like stills as they can easily be imported into paint programs to put on things like blinking of eyes and flashes/explosions.

potatoes63 Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

i think you should do some research on the pro stop motion animators. and windows movie maker is 8 fps. most ppl use 12 to start out with, then move up to 24. google this s**t man...:-|

Boffin Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

Most most of Wallace and Gromit is shot at 12 fps and that don't look bad? Besides, there is a trick to getting Moviemaker to work at 16fps. I'm sorry though, when I answered your original post I thought you were just starting out and my advice was to just get you going without spending any money. My role in stop frame is as an educator; teaching young children how to animate without spending any money. I am not trying to be the next Nick Park or Peter Lord. Having said that, I think the way I make my puppets (look at my Wallace above) is pretty cool and is the easiest way I've ever seen of making a fully articulated puppet without spending a fortune. (After all, I'm saving up to buy a Roofiss and Friend tee shirt!)

potatoes63 Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

....:O.... sorry man... how do you get movie maker to run at 16????? my friend still uses movie maker, and they would be soooooooo excited:D if i told them how to get 16fps.

Boffin Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

Well you shoot as normal and import the images in and publish the movie at 8 fps with no sound. Then, you start again with a new project and import the animated movie you just published at 8fps. You then select this clip on the timeline and add the special effect, double speed. This will make your movie 16 fps. You can then add your sound to this.

potatoes63 Posted: Jan 3rd 2009


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