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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 9th 2007

The world famous HMV logo is to get a new dog - in the shape of the heroic and long suffering Gromit. The new image is based on the original 1898 His Master's Voice oil painting which features Nipper the dog listening to an early gramophone recording.

HMV will be using the image for three months to support the promotion of children's DVDs at its stores. Bosses assured customers Nipper was not in danger and would still represent HMV in other uses of its logo.

Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit, said: "It's a great honour to be stepping in the same paw prints as an icon as big as Nipper. Gromit will look after 'the seat' for as long as Nipper allows."

HMV is to use the Gromit image in the windows of its 220 stores and in advertisements in the press and on the London Underground for the next three months as part of a collaboration with Oscar-winning Aardman Animations.

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 25th 2007

i know katie i have got a poster in my room. have you? lol

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 25th 2007

Yes I have - I couldn't resist buying a DVD so I could get one! Have you seen the competition they are running at the moment to win a Gromit & Gramaphone model?
Unfortunately Aardman staff can't enter! :

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 28th 2007

I was really upset because I never got a chance to go to HMV whilst the offer was running (curse the middle of nowhere) and I think it's over now from the look of the shops.

I'm certainly going to enter the competition though!

jordan Posted: Aug 28th 2007

i managed to get the gromit print ive got a frame, no room on my walls though got too many movie posters

bigballbubblehead Posted: Nov 4th 2007

i got one and its on my wall but the competition is now closed and i would have loved that on my mantel piece :D

jordan Posted: Nov 4th 2007

yeh i got one too, i also spotted in HMV yesterday Brian From family guy posing next to the grammar phone for the Fox animation dvd promo.

rjd007 Posted: Nov 12th 2007

hugs to u katie check out my comp pic i entered and tell nick its an idea for a film that i had for ages :-X

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 1st 2007

The next DVD I buy will be in HMV!!

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

i want 1

jodyblue1 Posted: Mar 24th 2008

I had 3 posters

wandgfan21 Posted: Apr 6th 2008

ive got the poster i got it when i bought three craking adventures in a limmited edition caracker tin with 4 post cards it was a good deal.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Apr 7th 2008

I bought that set today

Hutch Posted: Apr 12th 2008

I saw this in one of the Wallace & Gromit comics! XD

Gromit657 Posted: Sep 4th 2008

I've got that set but not the limited edition cracker tin with post cards.

Gromit657 Posted: Sep 4th 2008

I've got that set but not the limited edition cracker tin with post cards.

plasjas Posted: Sep 5th 2008

ive got the original dog listening to the gramaphone on my wall

plasjas Posted: Sep 17th 2008

hello is anyone posting on this one anymore

jills Posted: Sep 18th 2008

Hi plasjas :D

plasjas Posted: Sep 19th 2008

oh hi didn't expect a post

jills Posted: Sep 20th 2008

well you asked if anyone was out there... not that i have anything to say about hmv... i like the sign you have though, is that more old stuff your dad has picked up?

plasjas Posted: Sep 23rd 2008


Oakes Posted: Oct 6th 2008

omg anyone who has the gromit hmv poster i will buy it off em!

maeshu Posted: Oct 17th 2008

i also wanna get one...

Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

oh my bejabbas!!!

Morsmage Posted: Dec 3rd 2014


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