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potatoes63 Posted: Dec 29th 2008

i want to know if you guys have any tips for making a simple human hand out of clay. i just cant seem to make a nice one... second question is that i want to make my sculptures look smoother and nicer. are there any techniques out there besides smoothing with your fingers? the third question is that i want to know if any one uses a sony miniDV handycam? is it good quality? easy to use? anything specific you like about the camera? please state the model... final question: does anyone else use istopmotion? please answer if you can...

thetopbun Posted: Dec 30th 2008

Yeh you can make them smoother! Use olive oil over them and instead of just leaving it shiny keep smoothing it until it isn't shiny anymore and is nice and smooth! I have the miniDV Handycam and it is really good for stills...It is okay quality but hard to get on to the comp cos you need the program... not compatible with macs :O I have a mac and you can put the stills on macs... I don't use istopmotion but want it! :) Hope I helped...

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

thx so much. i never thought of olive oil... do you know what model is your handycam?

iantimothy Posted: Dec 30th 2008

i use i stopmotion express

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

oh ya i know that you do... i read the comments that you have answered on the beaver creek video...

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

are there any pointers that you want to give me wen using istopmotion?

thetopbun Posted: Dec 30th 2008

I'll check my handicam now :)

thetopbun Posted: Dec 30th 2008

It is HDD Hybrid... Hard Disk Drive Hybrid...

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 30th 2008

hmmmmm... do you know if all sony minidv handycam camcorders work with a mac?

thetopbun Posted: Dec 31st 2008

Most work with macs but only pics :-( If you want vids then you need to install software onto pc unless you get the mac one...

potatoes63 Posted: Dec 31st 2008

oh ok cool.

wghtmf Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

hey you said a couple and a couple means 2! there are 3 there!

potatoes63 Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

ummmmmm... i dont care.... jus answer the questions...

wghtmf Posted: Jan 5th 2009

yeah, not that i know the answers

G3zz Posted: Apr 8th 2009

All I can say is when making a human hand, is just study and study your own hand- it's the best reference you can possibly get!

Here is my attempt at the human hand:

(Please tell me if I'm braking the rules with this-I'm sorry if I am)

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 8th 2009

i dont know how that would be breaking the rules, and that is SWEET!

great job G3zz

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 9th 2009

Wow, great detail and amazing animation!
Cracking 5 stars out of 5!:D

G3zz Posted: Apr 9th 2009

Thanks guys :)
I took a while studying how my joints moved around and tried to imitate it with the plasticine. I checked with some of friends too just to make sure my hand wasn't unique in how it moved.

Also I found it helped me to draw my hand before I started, so I understood everything :)

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 9th 2009

haha, you checked your friends hands to see if yours moved uniquely :D

thats awesome!

Boffin Posted: Apr 12th 2009

I love your movies G3zz. I was pleased to see you are using a digital still camera for your animation. Is this your preference or is it because you don't have access to a camcorder?

G3zz Posted: Apr 26th 2009

Yeah, I prefer digital camera, mainly because I find it easier to change the settings and stuff like that. I have used a camcorder when helping out on another animation, but went back to a digital camera afterwards. :)8-)
Thanks by the way!

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