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Hutch Posted: Jan 3rd 2009

I was very happy Wallace and Gromit we're releasing a brand-new film for 2008 (now 2009), OK, W&G are back for sure, but, the film was funny, it was great that there were brand new characters to the series. But, why would Piella be so violent to Fluffles (kicking her etc..) I just hate animal cruelty.

Let's make a start - A Matter of Loaf and Death is Wallace & Gromit's sworn return and indeed they are back! Now Wallace & Gromit have started a bakery, Top Bun, I really like the idea of W&G baking. So, that was a good start. The new characters (Baker Bob (R.I.P.), Piella and Fluffles) were good and they were good. The main focus was on a cereal killer on the loose who has killed Baker Bob, a Butcher. Of course - it's up to W&G to find out who did it, of course, Gromit finds out that Piella is suspicious and might be behind it. So, the film was excellent, and had a new twist to the W&G film series and will delight any new-comer or old timer. So, go watch it on BBC iPlayer if you haven't watched it. You will love it!

Rating: 9.5

GromitLovesFluffles Posted: Jan 5th 2009

It was FANTASTIC. My whole family sat down to watch it, and we all enjoyed it (my Dad absolutely loved it). Best W&G so far, I think.

10/10, definately.

Chewster Posted: Jan 7th 2009

Polished! A matter of loaf and death was slick and worthy of an award.

Well thought out & Well scripted! Well Done!

Baker #12 BOB. Is that the same Bob the baker as had a advertising hording on the entrance to prestons Dog Food Factory in A Close Shave?

gromitdoggy Posted: Jan 7th 2009

Yes! On BBC1 a close shave it had a bilboard of baker bob!

My family loved it. Seen it 3 times since christmas!

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