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WAL1 Posted: Jan 5th 2009

Hi there. My first post on this wonderful site:D. Just wondering Where you can find or buy the minature props used on the W&G films. Also is there going to be a new modelling kit coming out soon? Hope someone replies.

ben m Posted: Feb 7th 2009

ive bought the new modelingkit its cool but sadly:'(i dont know where you can get miniture props aswell but idlike to know to

Sammy the lamb Posted: Feb 7th 2009

Most of the props are handmade by Aardman's prop department. Sometimes you can buy doll house stuff, but they will never be the right size so you'd be better off making it yourself.

Go W&G Posted: Feb 27th 2009

you can use props such as tables and sofas from dolls houses.

jills Posted: Mar 6th 2009

Hi WAL1 :) I've seen miniature items that you could use for props in craft shops. I have made my own, though, because it's true, as Sammy the lamb said, that they're rarely the exact size you want, and I think it's part of the fun of making your own unique creation.

WAL1 Posted: Mar 15th 2009

Many thanks for your surgestions, very much appreciated.;)|-)

jills Posted: Mar 25th 2009

I think people, myself included, often use Sculpey to make the props, which hardens when you bake it. You can then paint it for more detail.

yianni Posted: Sep 1st 2011

If you want your animation to look good make your own

samuelhayward Posted: Nov 17th 2011

you can make your own props from salt dough- made from salt, flower and water i think

samuelhayward Posted: Nov 30th 2011

sorry flour water and salt (i spelt flour wrong)!

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