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pengi502 Posted: Jan 6th 2009

Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum and I am a budding baker/chef and I am just wondering If anyone can give me tips on how to make perfect cakes.
Also, if people could give me the names their favourite type of cakes and some detail about them.

To start the chain off, my favourite cake is a Profita Roll with whipped double cream and melted milk chocolate. Sorry if i just made anyone druel.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 6th 2009

Hi pengi502, welcome to the site! For starters, how about trying the recipes in our brand new activity pack:
To add to the chain, my personal fave has to be chocolate rice crispie cakes :)

pengi502 Posted: Jan 10th 2009

Hi, Thanks for the note about the activity pack. I downloaded it and the recipes and really good.I made some of the cookies today and they came out pretty well, after what seemed like an endless battle with the dough sticking to the work surface, no matter how much flour I put on it. I shall put up some photos of them in this thread and then can members of this forum please can you comment on them.:)

pengi502 Posted: Jan 11th 2009

Hi , I said I would upload some photos! Here they are.

pengi502 Posted: Jan 11th 2009

Another photo. This one's Gromit!

pengi502 Posted: Jan 11th 2009

Ok, last one! This is Wallace.:)

thetopbun Posted: Jan 11th 2009

Well done! Delicious Pengi!

pengi502 Posted: Jan 12th 2009

Thanks for the positive comment!:)

lee-enfeild Posted: Jan 12th 2009

nice work on the wallace and gromit cakes

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 12th 2009

Mmmm they look yummy, well done pengi502!

foreverwallace Posted: Jan 17th 2009

I can tell you're a good chef, those biscuits look great!

fluffles the poodle Posted: Jan 22nd 2009

those biscuits look great-yum!
I like cooking too,I have lots of cookery books,but one of my favourite cake recipes came from a newspaper!It was a recipe for an easter chocolate cake it was made with milk chocolate and had chocolate truffles on top.I made it couple of times-and I loved it becuase it was chocolatey with out being to sickly and the truffles were lovely.
The only problem is that ive lost the recipe.
It was in one of the tabloid papers back in easter 2007
I have been trying to track the recipe down for ages.I doubt any of you have it -but please tell me -I would really like to get a copyof that recipe again:)

Bread Posted: Mar 24th 2009

Those biscuits are brill! They look tttttaaaaassssssstttttyy!

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 18th 2009

i love Mars bar slice!!!
it's kind of like chocolate rice cripies with caramel chocolate over the top...GOOGLE it it's so yum!!!!!!!!

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