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springwizard Posted: Sep 6th 2007

I mean not "Mad" as in crazy,but "Mad" as in realy steemed up! I've thought of a lot (and I DO mean a lot!) of realy amazing inventions that I just KNEW would sell on the market,and yet,somehow,by some freak co-ink-a-dink some other manufacturing companies (mainly toy companies,such as "Tiger" that makes the popular Furby.) often end up having the exact same (well,maybee not exactly,but close to it.) Idea that I have. I have no clue whatsoever how theese toy companies end up with MY IDEAS.....MY Ideas in thier hands. I mean,I just don't get it. I mean I never send any of theese ideas to any of theese toy companies,yet they end up with them nonetheless. The only thing that I can figure out is that apparently someone in the neighborhood is snooping around our house,listening to my ideas and leaking that info out to Tiger causing me to loose money. One of theese days I'm gonna get that little leaker and wring his neck!

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 6th 2007

Maybe a neighbour or a jealous family member? It's terrible, because legally you probably can't do a thing about it I presume. Isn't there a way to keep your inventions absolutely secret untill you sell them to a company? Does something like patent for inventions exist or is that very expensive?

springwizard Posted: Sep 7th 2007

Heck! I don't even have a clue how to get in touch with a patent office,so how'm I s'posed to know how much it's gonna cost me. My mum claims I've been sending the companies theese Ideas,when,in realty,I'm not the one. Someone's been leaking theese ideas to the toy companies and I'm gonna hunt down this idea thief and make him (or her as the case may be) pay once and for all.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 7th 2007

If you click on the "schools" link on the right you can find out more about an initiative we've been running with the patent office recently, or check out

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 7th 2007

I think I read that springwizard lives in the USA, Texas. I don't know how it works there. But your link might give some ideas. It's rather sad and frustrating when your work is stolen and sold out by some uninventive minds.
The only advise I can give you Springwizard is: keep your ideas extremely secret even to your closest friends, untill you've found another solution.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 7th 2007

ah yes, I had forgotten springwizard was in the US! Here's the US version: but I also think shaunisgr8's advice is very good!

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 7th 2007

Also, take it as a good thing! I write comedy sketches and if I then see one similar, sometimes not as good in other people's opinions, done by people like Dead Ringers it really makes me feel I'm getting onto something!

springwizard Posted: Sep 8th 2007

Thanks guys,you realy are a big help,unlike those anoying little twits on Neopets. You guys are life-savers,I'm totally indebted to you. Thanks a bazillion.

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 8th 2007

Shaunisgr8 is my name helping is my game. ;)

springwizard Posted: Sep 10th 2007

I'd tell you about some of my inventions in detail except that I've had enough trouble with kleakers already,so I don't need YOU telling my ideas to any toy companyies. However,if you DO wish to learn about my cracking creations you must solemnly swear that you will never share this information with anyone else,not even your closest friends. If you agree to this,then,only then,will I tell you about my inventions. Any questions?

cheseybrezzy Posted: Sep 12th 2007

All most everything makes me made>:-)

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 13th 2007

It's really hard to keep anything secret on a forum. You never know who's watching. It's not that I'm not curious, but you've had enough trouble already with people copying your ideas.

crackersaboutcheese Posted: Sep 23rd 2007

didnt think americans got the WaG humour...
nice 2 b proved wrong!

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