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dan123 Posted: Dec 9th 2007


What do you think would be a reasonable time for a animation done by a digital camera?

Harry Posted: Dec 9th 2007

Well It Does Not Really Matter About The Camera Bit But I Think If You Did A 5 Min Animation That Would Be Ok And That Would Take Proberly A Few Hours To Make So Just Times That By However And You Can See How Long For A Whatever Time Animation

cavor Posted: Dec 9th 2007

The animators at Aardmans make about 2-4 seconds of animation per day for feature films and about 10-15 seconds per day for series work, so 5 mins of animation in my book is a tall order.

But you maybe super human and can achieve more than this.


jordan Posted: Dec 10th 2007

i can do upto 24-35 frames a day and im not lying

cheese rules Posted: Dec 10th 2007

oh hi dan123 you go on dis and shaun da sheep den

dan123 Posted: Dec 10th 2007

hi how many frames would you do for a 2 min seen

jordan Posted: Dec 11th 2007

500 or something its alot anyway

cavor Posted: Dec 11th 2007

dan123 if your animated film was to run at 24 frames per second it would be 2880 frames long.

Aardmans sometimes work on two's when filming W & G which means that you only need 12 pictures per second, you have to double up every picture to get get your 24 frames per second so this wound only require you to take 1440 frames(doubled up to 2880 frames)

I read that once you reach 60sec's and above(in an animation) that would be classed as a major film project.

Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Cool, I Did A Animation With Some Friends About A Tangerine Slice Called King Tangerine Going To France. It Was Fun To Make

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Let's just say an animation has to last a good couple of minutes, which requires a LOT of frames and leave it at that!

dan123 Posted: Dec 11th 2007

what are frames

Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

They Are The Things Your Animation Is Set On, Without Frames It Would Be A Movie, Frames Are The Clicks You Do When Doing Animation

cavor Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Each picture you take is a frame. Normal film speed runs at 24 frames (pictures) per second.

jordan Posted: Dec 12th 2007

eek i done alot then in all my fims so far :)

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