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Tbf Posted: Jan 25th 2009

Thanks, I hope theres flat farmland in Bristol that is very big to build a park based on Aardman.

Purple&Brown Posted: Jan 25th 2009

yeh lol|-)

Tbf Posted: Jan 25th 2009

Make Flushed Away a themed area and a Flushed Away water park
and, a simulator of the train chase.

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Jan 25th 2009

What about a roller coaster called:
Wallace & Gromit's Bun Vac 6000
A Game were you get inside the Wrong Trousers and you have to control them!

Tbf Posted: Feb 1st 2009

Kay those ideas are silly, a bun vac roller coaster could be good but theres no roller coaster to make sense and a wrong trousers game could be an arcade game called the aarcade.

Harry Posted: Feb 1st 2009

There could be a Bun-Vac Waterslide.

And a Waterslide where Gromit was chasing the Were Rabbit underground.

Were-Rabbit Posted: Feb 2nd 2009

Or a maze where u hav 2 chase the bunnies.

Windows Vista Posted: Feb 2nd 2009


fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 2nd 2009

theres some really great ideas here...I wonder whether there ever will be an ardman land....

Were-Rabbit Posted: Feb 6th 2009

Gotten a bit quiet round here.

Aard man Posted: Feb 12th 2009

But...But... Why has noone got a cheese-themed ride?
Also, I think a Computer-based thing could be a 'make your own contraption' thing, where you're given bits, and you can make anything you like!

Tbf Posted: Feb 12th 2009

Like those things in Epcot.

Michael2008 Posted: Feb 12th 2009

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm these are such good ideas! maybe make a were rabbit chase ride when there is an anti-pesto van and the ride goes into a black hole with smoke effects inside then you come out of the whole where the start is

purple and brown Posted: Feb 13th 2009

lol good idea

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 19th 2009

or maybe a chicken pie machine rollercoast with one person in a chicken pie each,and then you go really fast through the roller coaster which loads of traps and stuff.
sorry for reviving an old thread.

black Posted: Feb 19th 2009

and we can make the aardman land just like wallace and gromit's town.
and the tottington house is a place to show your animations.

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 19th 2009

that would be neat! you could have wendolenes wool shop but instead it's wendolenes gift shop with loads of wallace and gromit,chicken run,creature comforts,morph,shaun the sheep and more stuff there
what about a sort of morph animation workshop in the town where you can create you're own morph models and do animations with them. there could also be a wallace and gromit one

black Posted: Feb 19th 2009

and you can make wallace and gromit's house as a place of memories of wallace and gromit in the past.

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 19th 2009

what do you mean?

black Posted: Feb 19th 2009

i mean the old animations of W&G the storylines, pictures of aardmans staff in the past,etc,etc,etc.

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 19th 2009

oh right. could there be some sort of game?

black Posted: Feb 19th 2009

yeah, you can try some W&G video games and there should be resturants in aardman land.

Lozi101 Posted: Feb 19th 2009

you could have a restaurant dedicated to cheese foods and crackers, and you could decorate it like the moon

or a dark rollercoaster ride underground where gromit goes through the rabbit hole and you could spin round and round and up and down nd stuff

Lozi101 Posted: Feb 19th 2009

you could also have a shaun the sheep area for younger children where you have shaun the sheep type things and rides

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 19th 2009

and you could have a timmy time area which could just be like a soft play area

iantimothy Posted: Feb 19th 2009

how about a petting zoo with real sheep, and pigs, but its just like shauns farm, with an animatronic farmer and bitzer

Lozi101 Posted: Feb 19th 2009

yeah and they could have sheep races

and you could also have a wallace and gromit, creature comforts and shaun the sheep mega mini golf course with loads of 'worlds' in it - like you have to get the ball to go into the hole in one of wallace's inventions

Rebel Posted: Feb 19th 2009

Maybe we could have PZ

black Posted: Feb 19th 2009

and some staff disguisd as shuan and his freinds and play football with a ball that looks like a lettuce.

cool red Posted: Feb 19th 2009

i agree with rebel

thetopbun Posted: Feb 20th 2009

They all sound like great ideas!:D

black Posted: Feb 20th 2009

an overground train looks like a bus that goes inside aardman lad.

cool red Posted: Feb 20th 2009


Cheddarman32 Posted: Feb 28th 2009

and a fireworks display like in disney and at the end there's a & firework Now that would be cool!

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 28th 2009

yeah sounds good.

black Posted: Mar 1st 2009

yeah, and it would be cool if in aardman land a huge swimming pool that looks like the moon and in the middle is a big sculpture of cooker, and his arms are in the air and water is squirting out of his fingers, and another big sculpter infront of the swimming pool of cooker splashing on the water to make waves,.

Lozi101 Posted: Mar 2nd 2009

and a ski slope, but yellow like the moon!

black Posted: Mar 3rd 2009

and you can go around in bikes around aardman land!

Cheddarman32 Posted: Mar 11th 2009

And a train that is like the model train in TWT that has stations at all the different sections of the park!:D

iantimothy Posted: Mar 11th 2009

with a tunnel, shaped like a table

I R Movies Posted: Mar 11th 2009

o and a sky dive of the giant model of gromit

Cheddarman32 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Like at legoland winsor with the lighthouse

mattgrom Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Of Tea Cup ride but your in the Pies.

And some games made like the games a the Giant Vegetable Competition!

Wilsations Animations Posted: Apr 14th 2009

Great Ideas, glad to see my Thread still running!

DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

How about, somebody puts there head in a wallace costume and throws pies at the face

Wilsations Animations Posted: Apr 15th 2009


Sammy the lamb Posted: Apr 16th 2009

You guys ever been to legoland? They have minilands... Why not have a mini town with wallace and gromit in it? A mini westwallybe street?

Triple H Posted: Apr 16th 2009


Infernal Posted: Apr 16th 2009

there is an Aardman land at the science museum

DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 16th 2009

heey Infernal

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