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crackingtoast Posted: Jan 17th 2009

i am having trouble on my wallace and gromit film because i need to have gromit crying but i using real water for tears it's very fiddly and hard to get in the right place. is there an alternative from using water?

foreverwallace Posted: Jan 17th 2009

You could try leaving a teardrop shaped piece of clay to dry and then varnish it to make it look wet. I don't know if this will work but it's worth a try!

foreverwallace Posted: Jan 17th 2009

I've had another idea: use a blob of shiny, blue cake icing!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 17th 2009

Aardman use gel

Cheddarman32 Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Aardman use gel?!

I thought it was water!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 18th 2009

No cos then it would evaporate... They use gel

crackersandcheese Posted: Jan 18th 2009

I never knew that! I thought he used water! :-(|)

Sammy the lamb Posted: Jan 18th 2009

How about a large teardrop shape made out of trasparent glass or perspex with a flat bottom that you can just stick into the plastiscene and animate down?

thetopbun Posted: Jan 18th 2009

Yeh... They use gel cos it doesn't evaporate and that is why none of the stuff which you see is water is real... Get me?

Aard man Posted: Feb 5th 2009

They use Gelecine. (same stuff, different name) I strongly advise you get "Cracking Animation" by Peter Lord. Tells you about ALL the techniques used at Aardman.

Aard man

Go W&G Posted: Feb 27th 2009

I have that book too! It's great:D
I got tiny drops of transperant crystals in the shape of rain drops and stuff.You could use petrolium jelly wrapped in a little bit of clear wrap,that way you could shape it way more easily.

Titch751 Posted: May 25th 2009

Which cracking animation book did you get because there are two. One from 1998 and another from 2004!!!

cavor Posted: Jun 11th 2009

I've used clear hair gel before

ben 2 Posted: Jul 12th 2009

u could us see through glue put it in the shape of a tear and let it dry?

cavor Posted: Jul 14th 2009

PVA glue drys clear if it's not to thick:)

thespazicat Posted: Jul 14th 2009

you could add this effect in computer, but then again, never use real water, over time, this will make models crack and harden.

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 14th 2009

OOH OHH! I had a same problem, I used a hot glue gun and squirted individual drops out and let them dry! So you could place them were ever! Plus their see through!|-)

stop motion Posted: Jul 15th 2009

How do you now that they use gel
and also what type of gel


richard rulz Posted: Aug 27th 2009

i use glad wrap and it works pretty good see
pleas rate coment and if you like subscribe
PS: it is my first claymation

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 7th 2009

that's great richard rules,but i htink i'll go with gromit lads suggestion of a hot glue gun.

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 15th 2009

Aardman use a hard resin for rain, so maybe you could keep that in mind??

Nofby Posted: Jan 24th 2010


jbug624 Posted: Nov 5th 2010

I think you shoud just take a blue peice of clay and shape it like a water drop (I think I miss spelled somethings):D

shogg Posted: Nov 6th 2010

I would get a piece of blue and silver plasticene rub them together (with a little tiny bit of silver and white plasticene) and keep taking photos of the tears coming down

yianni Posted: Sep 1st 2011

you know the glue gun use drops of glue it works.make them in different shapes and sizes

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 14th 2012

you could use a tiny amount of cling film 2 create a water effect

ThatGuy Posted: Mar 13th 2012

Try using a piece of hot glue.
It has no color.
Its clear.
And its hard.

Just put a dab of it on a piece of wax paper, let it dry and peel it off.
That's what I did for icicles on a claymation once.

ha ha. looks like Yianni already suggested this.:D

yianni Posted: Mar 31st 2012

i'v changed my mind and am using glicerine

dab a drop onto the caracter and move it down with a scure

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