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foreverwallace Posted: Jan 17th 2009

I love wallace and gromit so much that I am having a wallace and gromit theme for my birthday this year, any ideas on snacks, decorations, invites and games?

Cheddarman32 Posted: Jan 18th 2009


foreverwallace Posted: Jan 18th 2009

I suppose it would go along with the theme!

spain Posted: Mar 19th 2009

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 17th 2009

maybe "put the tail on gromit" instead of "put the tail on the donkey", or "put the tail on the were rabbit"?:-(|)

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 17th 2009

pass the cheese instead of pass the parcel,
Make an artificial block of cheese (or real) and when the music stops the person holding it gets either the cheese or a and toy! and then you start using a new block of cheese, go through about 7

ben 2 Posted: Jul 12th 2009

wallace and gromit face paints

concon Posted: Jul 19th 2009

Fairy Cakes with eiher a big W or a big G written with icing suger

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