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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 6th 2007

Preston could become the permanent home of Wallace and Gromit with a life size statue of the Oscar® winning pair in the city.

Swapping plasticine for bronze, Wallace and Gromit creator and Honorary Freeman of Preston, Nick Park, is currently working on statue designs for the city – which subject to funding being agreed could be located in Preston by the end of 2008.

Commenting on such a statue, Nick Park said:
"This is a really exciting project and I'm delighted to be working on the designs for a Wallace and Gromit statue in Preston. As a Prestonian myself it would be a wonderful honour to have a statue to Wallace and Gromit in my home city."

The statue was also welcomed by Councillor Ken Hudson, Leader of the Council and Chair of the City Centre Committee who said:
"We’ve seen how such statues and public art can create an excitement and boost for an area with for example the Sir Tom Finney splash statue at Preston North End and the Eric Morecambe statue in Morecambe. We think a Wallace and Gromit statue could have a similar effect and we will be working hard to secure the £100,000 funding for it. The statue is being personally designed by Nick Park so hopefully there will be a lot of interest in it and we can get private sponsorship to help with the overall costs."

Bryn Jones from City Brand – a part of Preston’s University of Central Lancashire that’s been working on developing innovative and creative projects for Preston added:
"The Wallace and Gromit statue as part of a city centre "walk around museum" is one of the most important and exciting projects we’ve been working on. It would be a tremendous boost for the city and with its friendly and welcoming intention, a wonderful way of improving an important gateway into the city. Wallace and Gromit are famous all over the world so we would be very proud if the first ever statue to the Oscar® winners was to be located right here in Preston."

The City Council and Aardman are jointly contributing to the design stage but the Wallace and Gromit statue has already received a boost with news that the Preston Tithebarn Partnership, the joint venture between Grosvenor and Lend Lease which is developing the Tithebarn project in Preston City Centre, are to put £20,000 into the statue.
Anthony Gill, speaking on behalf of the Preston Tithebarn Partnership, said:
"Wallace and Gromit have universal appeal and a unique connection with Preston. This statue would be a wonderful addition to the city and will become an attraction in its own right."

Fun Facts:

∙ Nick Park was born in Preston in 1958
∙ He grew up in Walmer Bridge and attended St Oswald's Primary School and Cuthbert Mayne High School (now Our Lady's Catholic High School)
∙ He was made an Honorary Freeman of Preston in October 1997

jordan Posted: Sep 6th 2007

oh yes yes yes fantasic news! " Come On Lad Get That Statue-O-Matic Wired Up"

Congratulations Nick!

Jenny Posted: Sep 6th 2007

That amazing news!!!! Well Done Nick! :D

gibj200 Posted: Sep 7th 2007

Well done, Nick. This terrific pair of characters seem only fitting to finally come home. Can't wait for their next adventure!

All the best.

debeller Posted: Sep 7th 2007

Great news well done Nick!!!!!!!!

page123 Posted: Sep 8th 2007

you have to hand it to nick park
well done
no wonder wallace is smiling
and so am i:D:)

muzza Posted: Sep 8th 2007

great news javascript:ins('')

Jenny Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I don't think they should put it in a train station, it wouldnt be the same. :-(

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 16th 2007

it might get grafited and that would never do!

Chedarette Posted: Sep 17th 2007

Go nick! Go nick! Go nick! Who agrees with me people?

Chedarette Posted: Sep 17th 2007

I agree with you antipresto, teenagers will just vandalise on it and then it wil get ruined!

GromitGirl Posted: Sep 18th 2007

Yerh thats great news were in preston is it going ??

shauns_gal07 Posted: Sep 19th 2007

I will defo visit the statue when its put up because my mums side of the family are from preston and I love the city because everybody is so friendly when I go and visit and its only a short car / train ride to blackpool, I am a proper northen girl at heart

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 28th 2007

It will make Preston like Lourdes for W&G fans!;)

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 30th 2007

OI! wats so bad about london

jills Posted: Oct 7th 2007

I thought it would have been a giant plasticine statue ;)

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 23rd 2007

yeah, but it would have to have a super strong armature in though, eh jillis?!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 24th 2007

hehe, if it were indoors a plasticine statue would be great - visitors could create their own pose and have their picture taken with W&G!

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Yeah! Great idea! And 1 other thing. The halloween things from the shaun site don't work. Look: :hw_candy_lolly:

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 24th 2007

hi funkycheese, we're looking at transferring the halloween smilies over in the next few days, so hopefully they will work soon.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Oh! There they are! I'll try:

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 24th 2007


jordan Posted: Oct 28th 2007

anymore news?

kieran Posted: Oct 28th 2007

will nick park be cutting the ribbon to the statue

The Big Cheese Posted: Nov 1st 2007

I knew the boys wouldn't let us down!

the crackers gromit Posted: Nov 26th 2007


x littlehammerette x Posted: Feb 10th 2008

aww prestons far away cat we hav 1 in london too!

jenby5 Posted: Jul 27th 2008

It is brill to hear about the statue, wish I could get to England sooner. Being in Canada means a longish plane ride.
Well, I'll just have to keep an eye on the website and find out when the W&G statue is going up.
Does anyone know where to get a DVD of the Were-Rabbit?
Is there somewhere in Canada? I would like to get it and enjoy it like I do the other films. Well, tara for now.|-) Jenn.

ryster102 Posted: Jul 8th 2009

I Wonder What The Statue Will look like?

Gags Posted: Aug 12th 2009

When will the statue be unveiled to the public? Will it be live on TV? I wish it was so that all W&G fans can see it being unveiled! It says 2008 at the top but it is half way through 2009 already! How much longer do we have to wait?

skalouis Posted: Mar 29th 2010

cool have a have a look:D;)

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