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Gromit-Ownz Posted: Jan 28th 2009

I think it was brilliant it put the cherry on the cake for my christmas day i loved it and i like fluffles that dog is what you call a poodle at the end you saw fluffles with them so what if they done another film would that mean fluffles would be in it i wouldnt mind.

Go Gromit!!!!!

KathyK08 Posted: Jan 28th 2009

Yeah , I agree. This is My Fav film of them all. Fluffles was a great character , and I would love to see her in the next film , if they make one.

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Jan 29th 2009

sadly :'(i dont think they will make another
but if they do it wont be for a while:'(

green shell Posted: Mar 8th 2009

me cool gye

Fifi1997 Posted: Mar 15th 2009

The flim is very good and I too would love a new flim with Fluffles in wouldn`t you it would be really brill yep go W/G :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Mar 15th 2009

I think it was the best and film ever made. Fluffles is the cutest little thing.

wynd12314 Posted: Mar 19th 2009

i did not see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katexx Posted: Mar 21st 2009

I loved it!

wynd12314 Posted: Mar 27th 2009

tell me all about it . i live in

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Mar 27th 2009

I loved it! I thought it was brilliant. I think the best one so far! Sally Lindsay (aka. Piella) made Piella sooo evil! She was excellent and of course Peter Sallis as good as ever! Sally Lindsay and Peter Sallis are legends!

wynd12314 Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

TELL ME ABOUT IT!! !@#$$#%$^&%&$&*&*)*&&^*$

Fifi1997 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

well o didn`t really like the movie a load it was okay

cheesecakeman23 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

Is NIce!>:-)

cheesecakeman23 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

I LOaved it

trace8971 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

it made my christmas night to have W&G back on the tv, I thought at first it seemed a bit rushed but after watching it again loads of times,I think it's brilliant. Let's have some more of the same soon please!!!!

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