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ting ting tabby Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

my fave is the curse or the were-rabbit!But I do like the new one too matter of loaf or death!I've seen all of the wallace and gromit film!

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

My fave has to be AMOLAD or COTWR

There both good

Wallace&Gromit&FeathersMcGraw Posted: Feb 11th 2009

I own all except A matter of Loaf and Death. But I didn't like it, it didn't have the same Wallace and Gromit as the other ones have, and it's also brutal, and violent. But I love Wrong Trousers and Curse of the Were-Rabbit. FEATHER ROCKS, THE PENGUIN FOREVER! WRONG TROUSERS YAY!!

Nut-Meg Posted: Feb 14th 2009

i think my favourite and film is the wrong trousers.
HOWEVER i like all their films the same.:D

bobdalek Posted: Feb 27th 2009

my fave and film has 2 b a close shave, coz shaun the sheep is so cool!

Rabbit catcher Posted: Mar 8th 2009

I like wallace and grommit curse of the were rabbit

cool red Posted: Mar 8th 2009

me too

Benny 123 Posted: Jun 25th 2009

Dont have one love all of them

Spikedbum Posted: Nov 6th 2009

All of them are CRACKING!
I particularly like The Wrong Trousers though;).

Does anyone have The Wrong Trousers Storyboard collection book,I ahve that one and A Close Shave

timmytwo Posted: Jan 8th 2010

mine are and

evastar7 Posted: Aug 7th 2011

mine is the curse of the were-rabbit !

gromitomatic Posted: Jun 9th 2012

has to be a close shave. it has everything. taking a proverb literally, robots and other stuff. but the bunnies are cute in the curse of the wererabbit. and does anorakaphobia count. If it does, that's my favourite 

A_Grand_day_out_Fan Posted: Jul 18th 2012


wallace05man Posted: Jul 27th 2012

this is what i rate them all:

A Grand Day Out - 9/10
The Wrong Trousers - 8/10
A Close Shave - 10/10
The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit - 10/10
Cracking Contraptions - 8.5/10
A Matter Of Loaf & Death - 10/10
World Of Invention - 7.5/10

Interpolated_Panda Posted: Aug 14th 2012

A Grand Day Out!

Best film EVER!!! 

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Aug 14th 2012

I think I like all!

tre01 Posted: Sep 1st 2012

For me it's 'A Matter of Loaf And Death'. The animation and characters facial expressions just continue to improve, and I just LOVE Fluffles.

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