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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures brings all-new stories, characters, and contraptions to Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PC this spring


Interactive entertainment pioneer Telltale, Inc. today announced that their highly-anticipated episodic series, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, will lead the company's expansion to Xbox LIVE Arcade this spring. Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will also be available for PC.

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will deliver all of the humor and charm of the duo's popular animated films, with a monthly series of brand new interactive stories in Telltale's unique episodic format. Alternating between the roles of quirky inventor Wallace and his faithful canine companion Gromit, players embark on their own style of entrepreneurial business ventures, tinker with creative contraptions, and interact with an ever-expanding cast of fun and endearing characters in each episode.

"Our episodic series focus on story, character, humor, and cinematic presentation—very much like a television or film production. This all makes for a great living room experience through the gaming console," says Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "We're looking forward to expanding our catalog onto Xbox Live Arcade."

Showcasing visuals modeled closely after franchise originator Aardman Animations’ clay creations, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures is Telltale's most cinematic series to date, immersing fans in the stories and interactions with the colorful personalities of West Wallaby Street. The game also features a new direct control scheme for gamepads, designed specifically for Xbox.

Telltale has become the industry leader in regularly delivered episodic games, with the release of two award-winning Sam & Max series and most recently, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The Strong Bad series became the first monthly episodic set for a connected console, with the finale episode releasing in December on WiiWare and PC. Telltale plans to announce additional titles for Xbox Live Arcade in the coming months. For more details about Telltale's games and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, please visit


mr joe kidd Posted: Feb 5th 2009

wow iam gonna buy it

yey first

thetopbun Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Well done! :D Xbox 360 people will be happy :D

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Do you think It will come out on PC?
I really wanna get it but I've only got a computer!

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 5th 2009

yeah it is coming out on pc and wii 2:D

Michael2008 Posted: Feb 5th 2009

dough! i havnt got an xbox 360! im smacking my desk 2 pieces. ah ha ha ha:'( but still if it comes out on pc then that'll be great!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Don't worry, it'll be on PC as well, so everyone on these forums should be able to enjoy it!

thetopbun Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Katie please may you reply to the email I sent to you? It was your one...

Michael2008 Posted: Feb 5th 2009

oh smashing thnx katie

iantimothy Posted: Feb 5th 2009

will it be on wii?

thetopbun Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Most likely...:D

iantimothy Posted: Feb 5th 2009

i hope i dont have a Xbox

Rebel Posted: Feb 6th 2009

Will it be PS2 PS3?

Rebel Posted: Feb 6th 2009

Will it be PS2 PS3?

Hope so

ruppy99 Posted: Feb 6th 2009

its only going to be on xbox 360 and pc for its intial release. its 2 big 2 b a download 4 the wii unfortunately although it might be realeased as a physical copy of the series on wii once the series is finished. telltale games have done this b4 with sam and max

thetopbun Posted: Feb 6th 2009

It will be on wii...

Rebel Posted: Feb 6th 2009

What about PS2/PS3

heat-freak Posted: Feb 6th 2009

please watch my video and if nick park is on this website search calvin and jacob show in youtube and comment if you think it is good

joemhewitt Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Will there be a PC demo and Will it be on Wii

Infernal Posted: Feb 8th 2009

OMG WOW yippy xbox 360 version cewls;)

thetopbun Posted: Feb 8th 2009

It should be on wii...

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 9th 2009

I hope it is...

Sammy the lamb Posted: Feb 11th 2009

It will have to be on PC, but whether or not my PC will have enough ram left for it I dunno. I could allways ask shaun for some thought.... Gettit? Ram? Sheep? Youkno? I'm wasted on this show!

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Feb 12th 2009

I'm so exicited about that

Also today I got Wallace & Gromit: Cracking Animator game that came out in 1998!

Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 12th 2009

will it go on other platforms like ps3?

ilkka Posted: Feb 16th 2009

ei tuu ps 2 :-(

Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 16th 2009


joemhewitt Posted: Feb 17th 2009

Ive got w and g in project zoo

gk911turbo Posted: Mar 5th 2009

please put it on ps3! I would pre-order it they first day available is so!

jann Posted: Mar 6th 2009

My name is Jann and I come from germany . Im a very big Wallace and Gromit fan .
Did somebody nows anything about a W&G PC Game ?

Regards Jann

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 9th 2009

Hi Jann - the game mentioned above will be coming out on the PC - watch this space for a release date!

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 9th 2009

will the game be a big size to intall to the PC because I may not have enough space? :-(

ffion97 Posted: Mar 10th 2009

im buying that |-)

Inika_Unite77 Posted: Mar 15th 2009

It's for Pre-order!!!! go to the TellTale Website and you can preorder it! If you do, you get a Sam and Max episode and a Strong Bad episode free!

..yeah..I preordered.;)>:-);)

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 21st 2009

I bought Fright of the bumblebees. I hope the other 3 episodes come out on xbla. I also have project zoo, and Curse of the were rabbit game.

ilkka Posted: Jun 22nd 2009

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