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mr joe kidd Posted: Feb 5th 2009

hi all
has anyone read this book?
i got it for xmas from my Aunty
from a book shop in london.
Its writen by my friend.
It tells you anything you need
to know about animation.
It has pictures of wallace and gromit
and other Aardman hits.
The synopsis:
To make great animation, you need to know how to control a whole world: how to make a character, how to make that character live and be happy or sad. You need to create four walls around them, a landscape, the sun and moon - a whole life for them. You have to get inside that puppet and first make it live, then make it perform. Susannah Shaw provides the first truly practical introduction to the craft skills of model animation. This is a vital book in the development of model animation which, following the success of Aardman's first full-length film, Chicken Run, is now at the forefront of modern animation. Illustrated in full colour throughout, you are shown step by step how to create successful model animation.Starting with some basic exercises, you will learn about developing a story, making models, creating set and props, the mechanics of movement, filming, post production and how to set about finding that elusive first job in a modern studio. Susannah Shaw is Programme Development Manager for the Animated Exeter festival. She was head of the Bristol Animation Course from 1996 to 2000 at the University of the West of England and former camera assistant at Aardman (working on 'A Close Shave' among other films). This is the best-selling full-color practical introduction to the craft skills of model animation. Benefit from the advice of top international animators such as Nick Park and Tim Hittle. Discover everything you need to know to be a model animator in a modern studio!
The author Susanah Shaw used to be a camera assistant for Nick Park and worked at Aardman for 6 years.
She is now in charge of Animated Exeter and a good friend of mine.
If you want any info on where to buy the book just ask i will reply as soon a possible.


ben m Posted: Feb 7th 2009

what websites is it on

thetopbun Posted: Feb 7th 2009

Amazon... I saw it before!:D

ben m Posted: Feb 7th 2009


FleaCircusDirector Posted: Feb 9th 2009

I have a copy of the previous version of that book, I'd recommend it too.

The only book on stop motion that I don't think is good value for money is "Stop-Motion Armature Machining: A Construction Manual". It goes into the fine details of how you make the joints in metal armatures using serious metal working tools sch as a lathe and milling machine. Hence most people would not have the tools to make these. Susanah's book goes into more general detail and you should be able to make the items with a basic home workshop.

Lozi101 Posted: Feb 20th 2009

What's the title
i think im going to get it!

Rebel Posted: Mar 12th 2009

Cracking Animation is good.

Boffin Posted: Apr 5th 2009

I have both Cracking Animation and Susannah Shaw's book and both are excellent. However, a word of caution, both books are aimed at animators who wish to achieve very high standards - much higher standards than those typically posted on this web site under "Your Creations". (Although there are some exceptions to this - Ian Timothy etc.) Consequently, some would be animators may be put off animation by reading these books.

I believe the best way to get started is to look on the web since it is possible to get going without spending a fortune. I tried to summarise my own research on the subject on my blog:

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 7th 2009

i've got both of them too, and must say they are very helpful. I have all the materials and know to make my own armature now. and it helps with all the basics too.

I dont know if I would be considered a great animator, but I have yet to test out how good I am.

and that is so cool that she is a friend of yours mr joe kidd, please tell her her book is amazing for me ;)

The Aaron Shows Productions Posted: Apr 16th 2011

I read Creating 3D Animation. It's the Aardman book of film making.

Animational Posted: May 10th 2011

The Animator's Survival Kit is by far the best book on animation around. It's written by Richard Williams himself and covers everything from basic to advanced theories of movement. My girlfriend bought it for me (I do computer animation mostly) and the book has become a necessity to me, an extremely helpful tool and I recommend it to every animator here...

Here's a series of videos that show a few of the tips in the book...

morph2468 Posted: May 15th 2011

the best animation book by far is definitely the klutz book of animation its clear helpful and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 26th 2011

Cracking Animation is the best

alibongob Posted: Jul 28th 2011

yea i just got that one out the lirbray its amazing!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 30th 2011

I would suggest "Basics animation: Stop motion." and that's not just because I am in it!! :D

but seriously it is a very good book, and Barry is an amazing artist!

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