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Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

If You Could Design A Shaun The Sheep Sheep What Would It Act Like?

jordan Posted: Dec 11th 2007

erm i dunno theres 2 sheep in my new film they look nothing like aardmans sheep

Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Mine Would Act Normal, Sometimes, But Then In Some Episodes He Will Really Loudly Burp, So All The Other Sheep Just Fall With The Horrible Stink Of The Burp And Then The Sheep Will Just Walk Off Staring At The Other In Pain Of The Stink, I Think His Name Would Be Greg, Hope To Hear More From You, Thanks Harry

cavor Posted: Dec 16th 2007

Hows the film going jordan, are the sheep in that one and will it be out in time for christmas?

jordan Posted: Dec 16th 2007

the main film hasnt started filming yet, still making characters models etc (<

springwizard Posted: Dec 17th 2007


jordan Posted: Dec 17th 2007

what is?

Harry Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Dont have a clue jordan, Anyway What Do Aardman Use To Make The Head Of The Sheep, It Says It in The Cracking Animation Book But I Dont have Mine With Me Unfortunatly, I Mad About The Sheep And I Want To Make One For The Competition, Have You Seen The Picture Of The STS Set, Its Giant.Hope U Help!


cavor Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Harry Aardmans book it says that shauns head is made from fast cast resin and after it is taken out of the mould holes are dill for ears and eyes, I see no reason why the same effect cannot be achieved in how I made my Wallaces body.

Good luck

Harry Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Thanks, How Can You Drill The Holes for The Eyes, Anyway I Will Have A Look In The Book Tonight. Where Could I Buy Resin?

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Cracking Animation tells you everything!

cavor Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Hi Harry I personally would go for Sculpey or Fimo as you could make any holes or sockets for eyes before you bake it.

Harry Posted: Dec 27th 2007

In A Bit I Think I Might Upload Another Creation, By Putting It On This Thread I Think It May Give You A Little Clue So Watch Out For It It Will Be On By The End Of Today Maybe Around 5'O'Clock , Ish,

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 27th 2007

I'll be watching. 5 o'clock! GOT IT!!!!:)

giratina3 Posted: Dec 27th 2007


Harry Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Umm Well, Sorry Guys 5'O'Clock,, Too Early

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