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Were-Rabbit Posted: Feb 7th 2009

I think AGDO was a great film, but the fact that Gromit never spoke ruined all the episodes that followed and the animation was not that good.

TWT is the ultimate W&G film, with more sets than the first and a funny little villain penguin, yet I would like to see a flashback of why NASA sent it to Wallace.

ACS was a much neater film with more characters like Wendolene, Wallace's first love interest and starred Shaun the Sheep who was the main character in his spin-off, although I would like to see more characters from Shaun the Sheep in the episode like Shirley and Timmy.

CC were great but ruined the W&G episodes because they could of been longer with more characters.

TCOTW-R was a great movie and I was surprised how many characters appeared in the feature, although the game features Were-Creatures but the film didn't and I feel "Tottie", Wallace's second love interest should appear in more episodes.

AMOLAD marked the first time characters were killed and Gromit's very first love interest, Fluffles, along with the murderer Piella who is Wallace's third love interest. But I think we need a better explanation on why Piella hates bakers.

And now for the other films.

I think Chicken Run was a great film that represents Creature Comforts and was very funny. Although the plot is rather strange as Mrs. Tweedy makes chicken pies instead of eggs.

Flushed Away was a rather strange but funny film and marks the first time Aardman have used animation instead of claymation, yet a better plot could be made explaining why the fat rat wants to watch England v Germany.

And that concludes my review.

thetopbun Posted: Feb 7th 2009

Well said!:D

Were-Rabbit Posted: Feb 8th 2009


Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2009

i thought the piella hting bakers explanation was clear

iantimothy Posted: Feb 8th 2009

woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah!!!!!!! youre first line? "but the fact that Gromit never spoke ruined all the episodes that followed and the animation was not that good."
i thought the animation was perfect, and gromit not talking ruined all the episodes? i think if he did talk it would ruin it.

thetopbun Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Yeh! If he spoke the episode would fly by!

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