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Nut-Meg Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Which episode do you like, what's your favourite moment in it and who's your favourite character?

my sister likes Grand Day Out, when forgot the crackers and her faourite character is


Wallace&Gromit&FeathersMcGraw Posted: Feb 11th 2009

Curse Of the Were Rabbit Rocks, I hope there's another movie length one, but I also like Wrong trousers. My favorite moment is probably in The Bully Proof Vest when Gromit walks up to Wallace with the nunchucks and he's busting out nunchuck moves, and Wallace releases the Bully Proof Vest's power on Grom.
I like Feathers McGraw(the penguin) or Wallace, maybe Hutch though, I uploaded a drawing of him.vs.vs.

Vidpal Posted: Jan 26th 2010

i like Matter of loaf and death & Fluffles

the scene where Gromit is accused of biting piella and the scenes with Fluffles were my favorites plus the scene where Gromit is "supportive" to Wallace

wghtmf Posted: Feb 24th 2010

A Close Shave, when is stuck in the machine and they try to get him out, and fave charactar is Flufflrd

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 25th 2012

A matter of loaf and death is my favorite. I like the part when sees Piella on her bike and then you see the thinner Piella on the bake-o-lite balloon and and hear someone singing " I'm light as a feather I'm the bake-o-lite girl" I love fluffles

coolsome Posted: May 7th 2012

When Wallace is using a hair dryer in Wrong Trousers! That always makes me laugh.

Pink-Muffin Posted: Nov 13th 2012

I like the Wrong trousers! ehm...favourite moment is when W&G chase the penguin on the train :-) and my favourite character is Gromit

Gemma2000 Posted: Nov 26th 2012

I like the christmas episode when gromit is posing for christmas cards, when wallace and gromit are inventing the rocket and grmit is my favourite character.

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