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page123 Posted: Sep 8th 2007

,I love my pets so it would probaly be a dog,and leave out the cats,not to keen on cats,dogs are much loyaler,I would probably design a bullmastiff dog,because there big,brave and love kids,and there inteligent,not as inteligent as gromit,but there smarter than a cat
lovin shaun the sheep he is so cute and cheeeeeeeeeeky

twinxlisa129 Posted: Sep 8th 2007

. It would be great fun. would be my next choice.

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I once had a Siamese Cat called Spooky who thought he was a dog. He would fetch his toy and bring it back to me when I threw it away.
He sat down on my command. He also walked on a lead. And when I shouted kitty kitty he'd run to the window to look for cats. Weird hay! He'd make a funny W&G characture.

CheeseGromit Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I would say a beaver, skunk and mole in a gang that spied really badly on wallace and gromit!

page123 Posted: Sep 9th 2007

that cat spooky sounds a lot more fun than other cats:D

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 9th 2007

Yeah he was. I really miss him sometimes. Haven't seen one like him yet. But that's life.:'(

page123 Posted: Sep 10th 2007

arrr I did'nt know,You know what, my little dogs grace died a couple of weeks ago,and when they hav gone it makes you feel like nothing can replace them ever.Poor old you ,poor old spooky,:'(

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 10th 2007

I know. I think pets are like family to us. Some people directly replace a dead pet like a piece of furniture.

page123 Posted: Sep 10th 2007

I know thats horribel,animals are very special,whether its a cat,dog,or hamster.animals are great I don't know how people can be horrible to them.i wish everone like us loved animals

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 12th 2007

Me too. But some people have significant brain disfunction I suppose. Violent behavior often starts at very young age, and mainly against animals. Many times it's supported by an adult like a parent.

page123 Posted: Sep 12th 2007

YOu know what,when i was out with one of my pals, last year,We saw two girls with some terriers and they were incoraging them to fight and attack each other.I mean how stupid is that!And i know someone who's dogs woofs all the time and untill someone complained the dog used to keep their neighbours awake.people need to be in control of their animals,but with a loving heart

cheseybrezzy Posted: Sep 12th 2007

i will have to say a monkry called cheeky.
also a otter called olivir and last but not least
a panda called colly and another dog called gemma that could be gromits best best friend and wallce can still be groomits best best friend. they are so cool because i know what is cute and ugly. i got good taste on charters.

page123 Posted: Sep 13th 2007

spoze you have,I really love pandas people in the street when i'm walking my dog say he's like a panda even though he is bright orange.they probably say that because he is a very chasrasmatic bear dog

page123 Posted: Sep 13th 2007

shanisgr8 you know how you like animals,well i heard there is a online petiton against animal cruelty ,if you wanna sign it to make sure animals are not harmed,just type in your google box,CARE2,PETITON SITE,if its not up and running then ,the same petiton will probably be on next month.hope you can use this info|-)

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 13th 2007

I'll try that. Thank You! Last year I've written my endpaper for my Law study on one particular form of animal cruelty that still isn't illegal in the Netherlands, and why it should be illegal and how that law should look like. Now some politicians have finally taken it seriously. A week ago they posted legislation to make it illegal. I hope all politicians will vote for it to become a law.

page123 Posted: Sep 14th 2007

I like giving good advice,its nice to be nice0:)

shaunisgr8 Posted: Sep 15th 2007

Yes it is!0:)

jills Posted: Oct 6th 2007

I'd make a sneaky cheeky dolphin. They're clever animals, and a lot like people, so I think it would be a cool character. It could be W&G's first adventure at sea. Or maybe the dolphin would invent some legs for itself and give Wallace a run for his cheese, hehe.

jills Posted: Oct 21st 2007

Now I'm working on a character for a little scene. It's called the Yorkshire Terror and is a sweet little terrier pup up to no good on the moors >:-) Probably inspired by the season.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 21st 2007

Sounds cool, jillis! I would have an evil mouse who takes all the cheese while no-one's looking.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Ooh! I got another one! A kung-fu kitty!

page123 Posted: Oct 25th 2007

Great ideas everone:D

connor gorman Posted: Oct 25th 2007

An Evil Mouse Taking Cheese Reminds Me Of Rataouille

connor gorman Posted: Oct 25th 2007

Ive Got An Idea Wendolene Recreates Preston The Title Good Be Wallace And Gromit The Revenge Of Preston Cool

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 28th 2007


Dr_Indigo Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Well, I'm not sure what it would be, but I think It would definatly be an invention that Wallace falls in love with. Dunno why, just seems like a nice idea. And then it would be like Cassablanca.
< From the looks of that, I think Wallace isn't fond on that, and I don't blame him

springwizard Posted: Nov 22nd 2007

I though of a Talking Alien Rabbit named Jaybee,He's a character in a novel that I'm writing that's sorta inspired by Disney's "Lilo and Stitch",Except it's not exactly the same story. You see,there's this Irish girl named "Meghann" kinda the "Lilo" of the story and then there's Jaybee,who looks like a but realy isn't and his spacecraft lands right in Meghann's back yard.

groovywag Posted: Nov 24th 2007

shaun -atron

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