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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 20th 2009

3 Cracking Special Edition DVDs Now Available in the US!


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Wallace & Gromit, Hit Entertainment have released three award-winning DVDs of Wallace & Gromit's classic adventures - A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave - available to buy on Region 1 from February 10th.

To add these fantastic titles to your collection, just click the links below!

A Grand Day Out
The Wrong Trousers
A Close Shave

MarkGromit Posted: Feb 20th 2009

Cracking DVD's eh Gromit? Many thanks indeed.

We must get them now before Feathers gets his hands on them!!!

Oakes Posted: Feb 20th 2009

i already have them , and 250 other wallace and gromit products

iantimothy Posted: Feb 20th 2009

do they have any special features

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 20th 2009

will they be relesed in the uk??

thetopbun Posted: Feb 20th 2009

Cool! Thanks Katie!:D

Nathan berry Posted: Feb 21st 2009

when will they be relesed in the uk?

ilkka Posted: Feb 21st 2009


mr joe kidd Posted: Feb 21st 2009

i ve already got all the cracking adventures on dvd

peter kay is pc mac Posted: Feb 21st 2009

There out on 2 DVDs
Cracking Adventures
and The Collection
Have a look on Amazon where you can pre-order A Matter of Loaf And Death!

GROMO FAN Posted: Feb 22nd 2009

Does anyone know when the DVDs might be comming to Australia. Because I'm a huge fan and I can't find any of the DVDs!:'(

iantimothy Posted: Feb 23rd 2009

Katie, what else is on it because i was looking on that sitee and the runtimes are longer than the films, are there special features

No 1 W&G Posted: Mar 2nd 2009

I hope I can buy them in this country a Gromit

jills Posted: Mar 2nd 2009

If you follow the links Katie gave us, it looks like there is also some W&G merchandise available. There are some things I've never seen before 8)

jordan Posted: Mar 3rd 2009


jills Posted: Mar 3rd 2009

Unusual to see W&G products unique to the states, isn't it?

jordan Posted: Mar 4th 2009

uk is getting some new tshirts too i found out last week XD

ilkka Posted: Mar 4th 2009

werock29 Posted: Mar 5th 2009

that's awesome!

gk911turbo Posted: Mar 5th 2009

If someone finds out if they have any new special features PLEASE post what they are! I've got the complete set but if there is new stuff I would buy them! Its a shame W & G aren't more popular here in the States, I think I was the most excited person in North Carolina when I heard the movie was going to be in theaters, most people here can't appreciate good quality stop motion! W&G fan for life!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Hello everyone, the extra features are as follows:

A Grand Day Out
- Telltale Games video game sneak peek
- A Grand Day Out audio commentary with Nick Park and his creative team
- The Amazing Adventures Of Wallace & Gromit - 15:22
- Cracking Contraptions

The Wrong Trousers
- Telltale Games video game sneak peek
- The Wrong Trousers audio commentary with Nick Park and his creative team
- Inside the Wrong Trousers - '24:18
- Cracking Contraptions

A Close Shave
- Telltale Games video game sneak peek
- A Close Shave audio commentary with Nick Park and his creative team
- A Close Shave "How It Was Done" - '4:51
- Cracking Contraptions

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009

WOW!, Thanks Katie:)

jills Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Thanks! I wish there were new extras, but those are great if anyone hasn't seen them yet.

ladyjn13 Posted: Mar 14th 2009

I just pre-ordered "A Matter of Load and Death" from Amazon UK. It will be about $16 US delivered to my door. Thank goodness for region free players. I cannot wait!

iantimothy Posted: Apr 1st 2009

heh, i did the same thing

mattgrom Posted: Apr 11th 2009

if you want the dvds go on the internet and typ in wallace and gromet 3 cracking special edetion dvds to buy online and click the 3rd one down and you can buy it online.

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 27th 2009

you in the states are so lucky. i love the new covers for them,i like them seperately. you are soo lucky guys. i'll have to stick with my old three cracking adventures dvd,which i lost.

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 27th 2009

never heard the term "in the states" before, lol

I guess this is one time when we have the upper hand on W&G items

ilkka Posted: Apr 28th 2009

WOW!! Thanks Katie:)

w&g75 Posted: May 2nd 2009

i already have a grand day out and the wrong trousers

w&g75 Posted: May 3rd 2009

you can also buy them in canada

AriCat Posted: May 4th 2009

That is so cool!

AriCat Posted: May 4th 2009


w&g75 Posted: Jun 14th 2009

and now i have all 3

ilkka Posted: Jun 15th 2009


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