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Eaa Posted: Feb 28th 2009

I have been making models with newplast 'plasticene' and then coating them with liquid latex to make a mould for plaster-casting. Problem, my newplast is now drying like clay that has been left out too long. Does any one have any ideas for re-softening it, please.:-X

thetopbun Posted: Feb 28th 2009

Put it under a hot lamp...

jordan Posted: Feb 28th 2009

microwave works for me even at a couple of seconds.

iantimothy Posted: Feb 28th 2009

i thought plasticine doesnt harden?

Chocachoc Posted: Feb 28th 2009

Does anyone soften it before they actually animate? I don't do anything myself.

jordan Posted: Mar 1st 2009

newplast lied and says it doesnt harden but it does

potatoes63 Posted: Mar 1st 2009

hah! so van aken is the best!

iantimothy Posted: Mar 1st 2009

van aken wins!

Eaa Posted: Mar 3rd 2009

Thanks for the suggestions. I have not tried the microwave yet, but I have grated the offending plasticene and then added a little olive oil and kneeded it all back together. It does a reasonable job but I was concerned if it might make the plasticene 'go off' . I have picked up many tips from reading other strings. might have a pic of some of my work to show soon.

jills Posted: Mar 6th 2009

Looking forward to seeing it, Eaa

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 16th 2009

hmm, apparently the clay i have is Claytoon. cool

Sammy the lamb Posted: Mar 26th 2009

Aarman's sets have loads of lights, so they heat up the models I guess...

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