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ben m Posted: Feb 28th 2009

how do you make the detail on sheep

werock29 Posted: Mar 5th 2009

thats a good question, sadly i don't know the anwser.good luck finding the awnser.(i miss spell a lot of things.)

iantimothy Posted: Mar 5th 2009

it shows you in cracking animations book

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 22nd 2009

or in the US its called "Creating 3D Animation"

Sammy the lamb Posted: Mar 28th 2009

We've been making a sheep... and plan to make much more!
Shall send you updates as they happen!

ben m Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

yes pleese

fateme Posted: Jun 18th 2010

i think they use cotton for the boddy an clay for head and feets
i think it is easy

Joooox Posted: Sep 21st 2010

Sorry I dont know how to make a sheep... I know how to make gromit though if that helps...?

fateme Posted: Nov 18th 2010

could u plz say how?

cleasby99 Posted: Aug 4th 2011

The wooly stuff is called shearling ewe faux fur fabric. Hope this helps :D

yianni Posted: Sep 1st 2011

1 make an aliminium oval 2 cover it with small white balls to create body

3 then roll a ball out of black to make head then a blob of white on top

4 then get a skewer and break into four stich then into the body and cover wuth black to make legs

5 stick a blob of white for tail. good luck

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