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Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 7th 2009


This is the thread where we can give our help of what we think is good to help improve characters and films. Just say underneath what you recommend and I'll put it on here.

Stop Motion Software

Stop motion pro -

Monkey Jam -

istopmotion - (only for mac's)

Helium Frog -

Lip Sync Software

JLipSync -


Newplast - -

Van aken -

Plasticine -

Wire / Armature

Modelling Wire -

Milliput ( For bones in the armature ) -

Animation Tool kit -

Armaverse -

Animation Supplies -

Materials for Props

Fimo -

Sculpey -

Helpful Websites

Stopmotion animation -

Animation Tips and Tricks -

Animateclay -

Vincent Animations and Friends -

Frame By Frame -

Animation Magazine -

Creative Juices -

Stop Motion Magic -

GLB Animations Website -


Chromacolour -

Animation Supplies -

Tiranti -

Hobbycraft -

For people in the US

Hobby Lobby -

Michaels -

Computer Animation

Maya -

Inventor -

3ds Max -

Blender -

Useful Books

Creating 3-D Animation -
Basics Animation: Stop Motion -
The Illusion of life: Disney Animation -


Please post your recommendations too.


iantimothy Posted: Mar 7th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 7th 2009

why huh?

iantimothy Posted: Mar 7th 2009

i said that before you posted the links, it just said recomendations

crackingcheese Posted: Mar 7th 2009

Fimo's Pretty Good;)

(I use that for my props)

iantimothy Posted: Mar 7th 2009

if your in the US use van aken!

cool red Posted: Mar 8th 2009


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 9th 2009

ooh good idea P&B - I'll make this thread into a 'hot topic' so it stays at the top of the forum.

black Posted: Mar 9th 2009


I R Movies Posted: Mar 9th 2009

cool i say use scupley for the props and newplat for the models

Ursrut Posted: Mar 9th 2009

you must be very pleased purple&brown. :D

Chocachoc Posted: Mar 9th 2009


cool red Posted: Mar 9th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 9th 2009

WOW!:OThank you soo much katie, what a privalidge!|-)

thetopbun Posted: Mar 9th 2009

It is actually!:D Very well done!

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009

any other recommendations?

Ursrut Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Yes i have some recommendation of sites i have found useful for news and tips. this is good for tips and tricks and you can also get a live feed to it. this is good for all the news in the animation world.
hope this helped! ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009

thanks ursrut! I'll make another heading called ' helpful websites ' and i can add the spangle fish ones!:)

Ursrut Posted: Mar 10th 2009

oh i thought i added them to the spangle fish ones
I have added them to vincent and friends.

cool red Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 10th 2009

well done, lad;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009

thanks GLB!

thetopbun Posted: Mar 10th 2009

On suppliers put

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 11th 2009

If you live in England, large orders of Newplast (20 bars) are cheaper to buy from Newclay!

cool red Posted: Mar 11th 2009

lukey you(i wish i was you :wink:)

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 11th 2009

I would recommend Hobbycraft if ypu live in the UK they don't have musch on their site but in the store there is loads!!

cool red Posted: Mar 11th 2009


Rebel Posted: Mar 11th 2009

I get mine from HOBBYCRAFT there is only 5 colours.:'(

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 11th 2009

5?! mines got em all

Rebel Posted: Mar 11th 2009

Where is yours, mine is Southampton 15miles away

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 11th 2009

chester 10 miles away

I R Movies Posted: Mar 11th 2009

so do i glb i buy some from a website and some from hobycraft i live near chesteri supose u do

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 12th 2009

really? cool

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 15th 2009

Has anyone got anymore?

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 18th 2009

i have a question. whats the difference between Claytoon and Newplast? and which do you all prefer if you have used both?

thanks for this thread P&B :)

black Posted: Mar 19th 2009

(in a sad tone)oh you are so lucky and my threads had a lot of*luck.

Lozi101 Posted: Mar 19th 2009

dont spam the threads black

i dont have any recommendations, sorry:-(

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 19th 2009

chees3gromit we all prefer (at least I think so) Newplast
P.S. It's what aardman use

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 19th 2009

ok, do you have to order it if you live in the US then? i think thats what ill have to end up doing.

thanks GLB

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 20th 2009

im not sure about having to order it, see if theres a us based company thst sellds it first

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 20th 2009

alright, ill do that. thanks GLB

thetopbun Posted: Mar 22nd 2009

A recommendation from me is HeliumFrog! Look it up on google

Rebel Posted: Mar 24th 2009

jills Posted: Mar 25th 2009

Chees3gromit, Van Aken Claytoon is just as good, and you can readily buy it at shops in the US.

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 25th 2009

thanks jills :) i didnt know if newplast was better or vise versa.

i had given up on trying to get newplast, so i went to the closest craft store and they had van aken. so i bought a few packs so now i wont run out! :D

was just gonna ask everyone how much clay they have though? and how much is good to have?

jills Posted: Mar 26th 2009

Did you get Claytoon or the Van Aken plastalina modeling clay? ...I understand your sentiment about wanting Newplast so you can model exactly how Aardman do, but it's impractical, and professional puppet makers in the US use Van Aken. Some, I think Nofby for one?, prefer it to Newplast.

I don't like to keep a big stock of it, just because of the cost. But it's always nice to have some amount of a variety of colors. Of course if you have the basic colors and don't mind mixing it (there are a couple ways to mix it), you don't need a lot on hand. I guess it makes a difference if you are working on a specific project (then you can estimate how much you need of what color), or if you want to be creative and experiment. If that's the case, those packs that are divided into four different colors (Claytoon) are good. It's always nice to have enough white or neutral, I think, for making lighter colors. I ended up using more white than I thought I would. Hope that is somewhat helpful, and glad you got your hands on some plasticine!

chees3gromit Posted: Mar 26th 2009

i formerly had plasticine before van aken but it got my hands all colorful and was a pain to model with as it stuck and got everywhere. then, for Christmas a couple years ago i believe, i got some Claytoon and some skin-colored plasticine (which i just figured out is also Van Aken), but then I sorta forgot completely about stop-motion and animation until recently. before, i had to use the "frame by frame" function on my camera which wouldnt record frames but instead small time increments. now, through this site, i have discovered MonkeyJam and HeliumFrog which have helped me a lot!

and the clay i picked up was Van Aken plasticine (not Claytoon) so now i have skin colored, white, black, blue, red, brown, tan, dark brown, and green. of course some is claytoon so i dont have a full pack of it.

thank you so much jills :)

jills Posted: Mar 26th 2009

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