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KittyKitty Posted: Apr 9th 2009

Does Van Aken (and other clays) go stale or does it last forever?

Or if it did go crumbly would melting it and letting it set again help?

thetopbun Posted: Apr 14th 2009

MTS you are back! You forgot BLENDER!

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 14th 2009

yes, because ttb is a master and CGI comes naturally to him!

jk ttb

womble1 Posted: Apr 16th 2009

i,m getting a bit confused so which is the best clay in the uk

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 16th 2009


LufseN Posted: Apr 16th 2009

most animation programs have lip sync huh? anyway, when I'm animation lip syncs I just listen to in when I animate and go on feeling ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 16th 2009

yeh, the good old fashioned way!;)

cool red Posted: Apr 16th 2009

what to you mean

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 16th 2009

new avatar again P&P, looks good :D

and red, they mean that they listen to the sound and guesstimate how many frames it would take to say it.

womble1 Posted: Apr 17th 2009

thanks alot P&B

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 17th 2009

welcome you lot!

Sammy the lamb Posted: Apr 17th 2009

Mark the shark, if we're getting into CGi, (I try to use stop motion as much as possible but I also make games) then I heartly recomend Animat8tor

thetopbun Posted: Apr 17th 2009

Also there is Vue 7

DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 17th 2009

can anybody recommend some good sketching pencils?

DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 17th 2009

thank you!

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 17th 2009

this is the type of pencil i use


cavor Posted: Apr 18th 2009

I prefer to use anything between 2B-4B pencils for sketching

womble1 Posted: Apr 19th 2009

does anyone know of a website were you can get free sounds aka dog bark car horn

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 19th 2009

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 19th 2009

ya, soundsnap is good but you only get so many sounds a month :-(

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 19th 2009

I will tell you a cheat!;) Get the program audacity and record the sounds, you get as many as you want

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 19th 2009

huh? so play the sound and record it through my microphone?

and my computer that has a mic doent have internet

crackingcheese Posted: Apr 19th 2009

Is soundsnap free?

Wilsations Animations Posted: Apr 21st 2009

I think so, maybe snoop around there webbie for clues!

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 21st 2009

yes cc, but you have to register first to download songs, unless you use GLB's method i think

Cameronl Posted: May 4th 2009 this is ok for sound effects

wallace295 Posted: May 4th 2009

Im making a animation or going to anyway.
Who knows where you can get a green screen or get some scenes and how to put it on camera?

Jake089 Posted: May 4th 2009

Gromits little bro Posted: May 6th 2009

c3g what is my method???

chees3gromit Posted: May 6th 2009

werent you the one that said use Audactiy and then something else?...

guess im losing it! :D

Purple&Brown Posted: May 7th 2009

No, I said that

chees3gromit Posted: May 7th 2009

aw, sorry bout that.

could you explain how P&B?

Purple&Brown Posted: May 8th 2009

Explain what?

chees3gromit Posted: May 8th 2009

how to get more than 5 songs a month

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009


First things first,

Download a prgram called Audacity ( its free! )

Then go to soundsnap

Find the Sound Effect you want but DON'T play or download it.

Go back to Audacity and go to: Edit, prefrences and make sure the drop downs are shown as: Microsoft Soun Mapper - Output, Microsft Sound Mapper - Input and on channel 1 mono, then click ok. Make sure the Dropdown in the top right hand corner is turned to sterio mix.

Then press the record button ( the red circle ) and go to Sounsnap, play the Sound you want to save, wait for it to finish and then go back to Audacity. Press the stop button ( the orange square ). Then play the sound back to see if it had worked.

When you are happy with it, go file, save as WAV and then it is on your hard disk.

If it is not working, still need help or if you want to know how to use a microphone on it, get back to me as quick as you can.

Hope I helped:)


crackingcheese Posted: May 9th 2009

lol P&B the criminal;)

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009

ahhhh, PC mackintosh will be on to me!

crackingcheese Posted: May 9th 2009

lol youre to late P&B run!

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009


chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

you are an awesome person P&B! thank you so much :D

ill secretly tell PC that it was me, so i will get in trouble instead, lol ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009

lol, thanks!
Great to hear I helped!;)

chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

you are always helpful P&B!

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009


danwat Posted: May 21st 2009

Wow its nice to read the article, i lov it

womble1 Posted: May 30th 2009

hi can anyone give me any info on how to make sets (inside) look really lifelike.

crackingtoast Posted: May 31st 2009

you can get acserrores,such as tables,chairs,tv's,plates,cutlery,at a dolls house shop. for wallpaper you could use wrapping paper,and add a few hand drawn or printed out pictures on the wall,and voila,you've got a not bad set.

womble1 Posted: Jun 5th 2009

thanks alot cracking toast
can anyone tell me how to make outside look really life like (wood land forest)Also how do you create water in a set ( a pond )

wallace295 Posted: Jun 6th 2009

Phew! Well if you have one maybe you could use a bowl fill with water and decorate the outside with real or fake stones and fake grass!!! Outside hmmmmmmmmmmm You could film outside but if its raining maybe take a photo when the sun is shining print it at you're local shop with photo printing and if you take a fairly big photo it could be used as a background using somthing to keep it stable at the back
;) Good luck!!!!!!!

cavor Posted: Jun 7th 2009

Or you could paint the colour of you pond in you scene then lay cling film over it this you could even animate slight ripples:D

wallace295 idea of laying stones (& gluing) around the pond would be good as this would be a way of holding down the cling film

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