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dhkites Posted: Aug 27th 2010

Like it

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 30th 2010

can anyone reccomend a good cheap camera for animation?

the mag Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

a realy good computer animation is its online and so easy and simple and has 9 types of animation and topics its realy amazing ;) its better than downloading software and you can add your own voice,backgrounds,character,props and even make characters!!:O

Sniggles Posted: Dec 7th 2010

does anyone know any good cheap stopmotion programs?

cavor Posted: Dec 9th 2010

If you want a good free stop-frame software try Helium frog
Download and enjoy Regards Cavor:)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 10th 2010

I like ananzi stop motion animator :D

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 12th 2010

claymation studio 2.0 i use but im changing to stopmotion pro v7

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 6th 2011

Hey P&B could you add this to the list of helpful websites:
It's actually a resource on stop motion animation, could you give it the title Great Stop motion Sites.

Ursrut Posted: Feb 6th 2011

Hey GLB noticed that Blender is missing from the CG animation

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 6th 2011

oh woah! I can't believe I missed that! thanks!

Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 6th 2011

Updated ;)

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 7th 2011

thanks ;)

Ursrut Posted: Feb 7th 2011

He he that's okay :) Like the website by the way, never seen it :)

brenna3t Posted: Feb 14th 2011

I don't get it...oh well!

CrazyClub Posted: Feb 22nd 2011

rightio. erm ill comment again l8r's.

aleglezu Posted: Jun 9th 2011

Hi! I'm a production master degree student. I'm doing a homework about animation. I must describe how I will organize the production of a shortfilm. But I don't even know how much time it takes to make the popets/characters? How much time does it takes to shoot a short animated film? how much money does it cost to produce the characters? Can anybody help me please.

Zorgy Posted: Jun 22nd 2011

Hi - I would recommend under stop motion software


It has 2,200 sound fx included..and easy to use

Groeneg Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

For editing soud & audio I use free software called: Audacity
For editing picture I use free software called: Gimp.

They are easily downloaded, hope you guys/girls find this useful ;)

womble1 Posted: Nov 19th 2011

what software would you use to edit any video footage you had?

Have VERY small budget so prefer if progam is free :)


mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 19th 2011

Darthplatypus Posted: Jan 30th 2012

this is a good website about stop motion it has some cool stuff...

eddie4184 Posted: Sep 16th 2012

GREAT ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!

wilsonm Posted: Oct 30th 2012

thanks for thses recomedations cus i am a animaor and i need good modling clay and stuff and in the room that i do them in the palstcene melts so nowdays to save the mess i use cuddly toys

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