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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 10th 2009

2009 marks the 20th Anniversary of Wallace & Gromit, which began life when creator Nick Park was a student at the National Film and Television School. Robert Harrop Designs, an established figurine designer and manufacturer, were therefore honoured to have been approached by Nick Park and Aardman Animations, to create a collectable range of figurines in celebration of this occasion.
Robert Harrop, the founder of Robert Harrop Designs, had been a great fan of Wallace and Gromit for many years and was delighted to be involved in such a prestigeous project. The collection was designed by Creative Director, Matt Buckley, in close consultation with Nick Park himself and Aardman Animations, the spiritual home of Wallace and Gromit. The figurines were sculpted by Mike Rogers and Simon Boden and one particular preoccupation with Nick Park was the faithful reproduction of the “Thumby" nature of the modelling and the evolution of the characters' appearance over time. It is this sort of detail that is appreciated by their collectors and is sure to add to the future provenance of the collection.

The introductory figurines from ‘A Grand Day Out’ are each a Limited Edition of only 1,000 pieces and include Wallace, Gromit, the Cooker and the Rocket as a clockwork musical box that plays the famous Wallace & Gromit theme tune (Pictured above)! These first four figurines were released in March, alongside a special Gromit figurine for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, pictured below. As well as being Wallace’s trusty (and long suffering) sidekick, Gromit is also the face of the kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme, the largest dog training scheme in the UK.


Sammy the lamb Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Nice... tad Expensive(Been waiting ages for new news)

jordan Posted: Mar 10th 2009

hehe i found out more about these a couple of weeks back and didnt post the info

mr joe kidd Posted: Mar 10th 2009

the wallace is £32
the gromit is £25
the rocket music box is £52.99
the cooker is £34.99

a bit expensive


ffion97 Posted: Mar 10th 2009

************* :O

jordan Posted: Mar 10th 2009

i would have been happier with resin/PVC plastic figures

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 10th 2009

I agree with Jordan but these figurines will be on the Antiques Roadshow in the future...

... heaven forbid if they appear on Flog It - I mean, who would want to part with those figures after investing lots of money in them?

...having said that, if they do appear on Flog It, I hope they will be as plasticine instead i.e. a 5 minute feature about Aardman Animations in Bristol with that lucky boy, Martin Wossisname telling us all about it with an Almighty Aard as a guest...

The figures look gorgeous, though. P'raps a Lottery win might help to secure them on the windowsill. >:-)

To anyone who can afford the figures - good luck to you. Treasure them and put them behind glass so that the cat or budgie doesn't fly around and break them.

Rebel Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Same with your COALPORTS

purple and brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 10th 2009


thetopbun Posted: Mar 10th 2009

Yay! Katie you did post it!:D

wandgfan21 Posted: Mar 10th 2009

purple and brown and purple&brown? this is confusing......Any way it looks like i cannot afford them at the moment:-(

JAHomer Posted: Mar 10th 2009

How much are these things in dollars?

iantimothy Posted: Mar 11th 2009

pounds are about half so...
the wallace is $64
the gromit is $50
the rocket music box is $105.
the cooker is $68.

ilkka Posted: Mar 11th 2009

jeah! :D

Lozi101 Posted: Mar 11th 2009

too expensive - i will never be able to get them:(

Rebel Posted: Mar 11th 2009

I'll be getting them!

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 11th 2009

I suggested some time ago that the Royal Mail should do a set of commemorative stamps for W&G's 20th Anniversary...

... and they'll be more affordable, too!

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 11th 2009

Rebel - you must have an obese piggy bank! ;)|-)

MarkGromit Posted: Mar 12th 2009

I will be getting a set. Even though it is costing me a fortune(I live in Australia so it is basically costing me double plus shipping on top of that) I just can't resist them. My credit card is now a smoking pile of ash!!!

Nice touch that the Rocket plays the theme tune.

I will be very keen to see what they come up with when they get around to doing figurines from The Wrong Trousers.

The early shots of the figurines from A Matter Of Loaf & Death look fantastic!!!

Analia Posted: Mar 13th 2009

I´m from Argentina and it´s nearly impossible to get any of these figures. Besides, I agree that they are really quite expensive. :-(
Anyway, I love Wallace and Gromit and it´s a pity we cannot get access to them, I wasn´t even able to watch A matter of loaf and bread when it was released.

sunnyjay Posted: Mar 13th 2009

I noticed the clever W/G 'smilies', and would love to be able to use them on my regular emails;)

Flynns Posted: Mar 13th 2009

What are these figurines made of? Although expensive I agree that the quality will not only last but validate the investment for those of us who support this very fun and fine collection of art that brings joy to ours, family, and friends hearts. In todays world this escape to W&G's world is a welcome relief as we take the time to do so.

grometfan1 Posted: Mar 14th 2009


ninafrac Posted: Mar 15th 2009

when your 89 they will only be 3.99.

Boffin Posted: Mar 15th 2009

Just out of interest, I have 3 Thelwell pony figures, that were not limited edition, I bought in the 80s and these are now valued at over £100 each. I also have a pewter Mickey Mouse that is now worth much more than I bought it for.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 16th 2009

Aardman wanted some really special items to celebrate 20 years of Wallace & Gromit, which I think is why they chose the high-quality figurines made by Robert Harrop. They're limited edition figurines - which is why they cost a little more than traditional resin toys made in large batches - but it makes them so much more special.

I think they're great collector's pieces and I'll certainly be saving up my pocket money for one. The trickiest part is deciding which is my favourite! Hmmm....

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 16th 2009

Eeeenie, meeenie, myyyynie, mo!

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 17th 2009

Katie, will Aards be launching 20th anniversary DVDs in the UK?

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 17th 2009

Analia - I should have extended a warm welcome to you are posting all the way from Argentina (I love learning about South America).

Our beloved friends are indeed international stars!

jills Posted: Mar 18th 2009

I'm chuffed by the care that went into these quality pieces. They look really beautiful, although I haven't seen them in person. I agree it was a good choice to make something a bit more special for this anniversary-- something to pass down to later generations who will surely still be enjoying W&G, keeping them alive and well.

SockEye-- flying cats?! Holy (flying) cats! Indeed I'd better hide these behind double-glazed glass if I acquire one!

But stamps! There must be W&G stamps! Have you written to the RM, SockEye? Did we discuss this on another thread, some day long past? .... hmm....

Tall-Ian Posted: Mar 18th 2009

Just bought my first piece and chose the Cooker. They are truly great quality and can only appreciate in value, not that I have any intention to sell. If you find a good outlet they may put the whole set aside for you and you can buy one a month or when you can afford it. Can't wait to get my next piece but which one???

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 18th 2009

Yes, jills - janey mack! Yes, the discussion appeared some time ago, re stamps. You'd have thought there would be someone at the Royal Mail who would pick up on that!

No wonder they are riding round the S bend at the moment... they don't know a good financial opportunity if it disguised itself as a wet kipper and slapped across their porridge muncher! >:-)

jills Posted: Mar 18th 2009

I might just be able to arrange a copy of that Stamp thread sent to RM inside a wet kipper (suitably [ad]dressed, of course), via.... Royal Mail, First Bass |-)

Tall-Ian, that's wonderful! I'd love to see any of the figurines up close. It must be a tough choice, which next! Have you seen the preview of the A Matter of Loaf and Death figurines? Thrilling stuff! I'd love to stash one in the kitchen, but the way I bake, it'd end up as eggshells ;)

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 18th 2009

C.O.D would do, too!

(Cash On Delivery - tea hee!)

jills Posted: Mar 18th 2009

Hehehe! Yes, a nice bit of Cod Steaks!

jills Posted: Mar 19th 2009

JAHomer, the pound has really declined against the dollar lately, so if you are really considering any of these figurines, now would be an ideal time to get the most out of the exchange rate. It's at around $1.37 per GBP now. Gromit is $35 and it goes up to $84 for the musical rocket.

Bread Posted: Mar 24th 2009

Really cool figures but they are extremely expensive! I will probably only get one. Maybe the cooker!

jills Posted: Mar 24th 2009

FYI overseas (non-UK) fans: Robert Harrop is offering free shipping by ordering directly through them. What a lovely offer

pcmac74 Posted: Mar 25th 2009

Can You Buy Them In Ireland?

jills Posted: Mar 25th 2009

pcmac74, phone Robert Harrop and they can tell you

BlooChicken Posted: Mar 26th 2009

are the toys avabile in U.S?

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 26th 2009

Cead Mile Failte go agus , pcmac74
(TRANSLATION: One Hundred Thousand Welcomes to and , pcmac74) .

SockEyeSalmon :D

jills Posted: Mar 26th 2009

BlooChicken, yes, but not in shops- you have to order them (shipping is free).

jills Posted: Mar 27th 2009

I've just smashed open my piggy bank! I ordered the rocket musical box... can't wait to see it

ninafrac Posted: Mar 28th 2009

jills Posted: Mar 28th 2009

A preview of the AMOLAD figurines...

wynd12314 Posted: Mar 29th 2009

i ment to say...... my fav is 59.99 {in england money}
it is the musical rocet ship from w&g "A Grand Day Out".

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 1st 2009

These are very cool! I've been collecting wallace and gromit stuff for years... does anyone have the model of gromit in a plane for sale? The one you used to be able to buy from Boots? James :)

jills Posted: Apr 1st 2009

Nice, Jimmy P, which do you like best? I really want to see the Wrong Trousers designs.

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