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jordan Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

oh dear i spotted the figures today and ended up buying A Grand Day Out Wallace (WG01) he's now on my shelf

jills Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

Lovely, Jordan; I don't know if I'll actually be able to get Wallace or Gromit.

jordan Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

then the nice lady ran outside and gave me the little card display that was infront of him

jills Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

aha! A fantastic extra bit for the collection

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 4th 2009

Oooh good question, Jills Well my favourites are the figurines cos the detail is really good. Out of the old Boots figurines, I love the 'Gromit meets Shaun' one as it looks ace! Or maybe the gromit in his armchair- funny lil chap, love his expressions!

I've just ordered the cooker, wallace & gromit from this new Robert Harrop set... Next payday I hope to buy the other two! They are pretty expensive tho.

I think I will upload a photo of my W&G collection soon

Piella1 Posted: Apr 4th 2009

great idea|-):);):-|:O:-(:'(:-X0:):-(|)

Piella1 Posted: Apr 4th 2009

great idea|-):);):D:-|:O:-(:'(:-X8)0:)>:-):-(|)

peewee Posted: Apr 4th 2009

I have splashed out and bought all 5 of the pieces and have to say they are absolutely ACE! so if you are thinking about it I highly recommend you go ahead! I have a few of the W&G Coalports but must admit I prefer these and I can't wait until the next set

jordan Posted: Apr 5th 2009

i agree these are much better than the coalports

jills Posted: Apr 5th 2009

Wow, now I'm looking forward to seeing the one I was able to buy even more. I didn't collect the Coalports (or anything else for that matter), but somehow I decided to go for these... maybe all the waiting for news about them :D

Do post some pics of your W&G goodies, Jimmy P. You're right, these figurines are pretty expensive. I still have to get the others now so the rocket isn't lonesome lol. And they're made in the UK and all that...

jordan Posted: Apr 6th 2009

Oh Dear, went into town to buy some DVDs, saw gromit sat there with his bag all by himself, i walked around then forgot about buying the dvds and bought him hes now reunited with wallace on my shelf looking for cheese on the moon.

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 6th 2009

Blimey, well my collection has gotten a bit big, so for now i'm just uploading my W&G figurines. I've loved these ever since they came out.. still got loads to get too! The Robert Harrop ones I ordered arrived today and they are fantastic :) Does anyone know if there's a Wallace & Gromit collectors website?

jills Posted: Apr 6th 2009

Jimmy P, do you also collect Coca-Cola or are those from the supermarket, haha. But that is quite the W&G collection. I really like the figurines of the beach and Gromit knitting.

I arrived home today to find the rocket on my doorstep Love that it's musical. The only thing I would change is having the inner parts of the bulkhead painted red instead of orange, like it was in the film, but it's alright. The little wallpaper detail is wonderful. Now I can listen to the theme tune while the tea brews!

I don't know of any W&G collecting site... I think the closest thing we have is the thread on General Chat where lots of great pics of W&G and other Aardman collections have been posted. I'll see if I can find it...

ilkka Posted: Apr 7th 2009

it is wow!! :D

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 8th 2009

Yeah if you find the thread that'd be awesome ;) I do also collect coca cola bottles from all over the world, I have many random collections haha, but my W&G is my main one. I'm really intrigued whether Robert Harrop will produce more figurines after the 'Loaf and Death' ones or if these are the only ones??

Is the rocket like a music box or is it battery operated?

jills Posted: Apr 8th 2009

Hi, Jimmy P, the music box is clockwork (wind up)... I think it sounds pretty nice. I'm curious as to whether all of the rockets don't sit quite flush on the shelf or if it's just mine :O Ah well!

RH is, I believe, releasing a set of figurines from each film, or the shorts at least. A Matter of Loaf and Death figurines will be coming out in May already. My bank balance won't be keeping up with these, but I would at least like the A Grand Day Out set. It's my understanding they do quarterly releases or somesuch. And... I have no idea if there will be figurines for Curse of the Were-Rabbit or the Cracking Contraptions. Do you have a favorite W&G film?

jills Posted: Apr 8th 2009

Collection threads on the forum:

Old announcement of the RH figurines with some nice design pics:

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 16th 2009

Ahh nice, hmm I shall let you know about the 'flatness' of the rocket when I buy one in a week or so :) I think i'm addicted now haha! I'm very excited bout the next ones that will be coming out, even tho I haven't even got all these ones
My favourite W&G film is The Wrong Trousers every time, there was just something really amazing about that film. I remember seeing it when I was like 9, and it's what inspired me to do animation at uni! How about you? :)

Ursrut Posted: Apr 17th 2009

he he! I was in ringwood yesterday when i walked round the corner of the High street by the china shop. They had the dynamic duo there. :O and they were cheaper then they are being sold for on the internet :O.
There were also some shaun the sheep stuff there too :D

Dan Prichi Posted: Apr 19th 2009


ilkka Posted: Apr 20th 2009

hehehehehe :)

Jimmy P Posted: Apr 20th 2009

Hi folks, check out the Robert Harrop website for the next quarterly figurines... it was just put up today, the Matter of Loaf and death set :)

ilkka Posted: Apr 23rd 2009

Matter of Loaf and deat is best dvd!

w&g rules Posted: Apr 23rd 2009

da kooka iz da bezt!!!!! cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeee!!!!!

crackingtoast Posted: May 6th 2009

been a fan of robert harrop figurines for a while now (i have four womble figurines and three clanger ones,including the clanger musical box ship) so i will be getting these!

Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

i totally agree with the prices (they are correct) and the quality is fab!

the only reasons that i think the prises are right is that these might not be in the shops forever and there extremly high quality and they repersent a real twenty years wow:D

jordan Posted: May 26th 2009

woo i bought the rocket and the cooker!!! yesterday, the rocket is my fav ive always wanted a w&g rocket since i was little! the only annoying thing is the handle to wind the tune keeps getting stuck on one of the rivets above it!

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 1st 2009

I bought gromit on sta. He is number 71 and is sitting on my bookcase. I even have the tag which should go infront of him and it hasn't even been folded! I'm collecting the gromits now...

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 5th 2009

To expensive

ryster102 Posted: Jul 9th 2009

I Want Those Collectible Figurines!

still dizzy Posted: Sep 23rd 2013

Well am glad I got the Boots Plane-ie-Wallace and Gromit in side car,when I did, about 20 years ago, because when I see him for sale now, they never have the tooth brushes in which Gromit holds like ladder`s, which I still got,

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