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McKeNZii Posted: Mar 12th 2009

Wallace is a man,and he has a dog called Gromit.They live in a house in England. It is Gromit birthday.He looked at the calendar it was the 12th. Gromit run to the door and looks at the letter is there for him. Dear Gromit loves Wallace.IUnside there is a happy birthday song.Wallace wakes up."Where ia my breakfast" Wallace said.He slide down and everything in the house is an automatic.There are the letters to Wallace too.It is the bill."I can pay thiks bill" said Wallace."I pay all the money to your presents" The train run to Gromit and Wallce pick up the present.It a collar and the lead.Gromit doesn't like it very much."Come here i have another present for you" It's a very big present.Go and walk for ten minutes.Gromit slides down.Room to let.There is a penguin.The visitor.The penguin saw Gromit room and he liked it.So he g in Gromit room.Gromit was very anoy the penguin.Because Gromit hate the organ music.So gromit leaves his home and goes to the kennel.When it was the morning.He saw the penguin measuring the building and the diamojnd was beside him.The penguin was the bad guy.THe techno-trousers bring Wallace every where.It is WRONG TROUSERS!

yoyochlo Posted: Mar 21st 2009

the quotes are wrong. and you have missed loads of vital information, i'm doing this for my english coursework so we have looked into this loads. Dont you think there are loads of different genres and i find it funny when the poster says "have you seen this chicken?" ahah, and when the penguin gets caught in the milk bottle, i also find it really creative how when the penguin fell off the train he was in the air and the wallpaper was clouds so it gave the effect he was flying and that was really funny. ahh gromit its the wrong trousers! Wallace is so dependant on Gromit! :)

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