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purit Posted: Mar 12th 2009

wallace is a an he has a dog called gromit. They live in a house in England. And today is gromit's birthday and gromit gets a birthday card. Gromit gets a birthday present by a toy train and Wallace called Gromit for breafast and Gromit pulls somthing down and then Wallace falls out of the bed and comes down andeats breafast and Wallace get bread and jam for breafast and then Gromit gets a very very big present that is a techno-trouers. And then Gromit gets another present that is a collar and a lead. Wallace gets the collar on Gromit neck and pulls the lead on the techno-trouers and hen the techno-trouers walk to the play ground and Gromit take the collar off and then pulls the toy dog and then Gromit goes back home and then the penguin comes and goes to Gomit room and jumps to Gromit's bed and opens the radio and Wallace need to make a new room.

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