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mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 15th 2007

when the rocket in a grand day out is about to blast off wallace kicks the ladder away, but we see it again when wallace is escaping from the cooker???

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 16th 2007

hello its me again, in the wrong trousers gromit is eating cornflakes with no mouth!

cavor Posted: Dec 16th 2007

See Gromit is a very clever dog!:D

There are many continuity errors in the W & G films some deliberate some not.

Have a look at gromits watch in the breakfast scene in the Wrong Trousers!

springwizard Posted: Dec 19th 2007

DOES have a mouth. He must,because eating cereal without one would be impossible,we just don't see's mouth,that's all.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 20th 2007

Yes there were a lot of continuity errors. To see all of them type in which W&G film in ;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 2nd 2008

I have a few theories...

P'raps the space ship had a spare ladder...just like the spare track in The Wrong Trousers. Prepare for every unexpected turn!

's muzzle is so big, as has already been stated, you can't see his mouth.

As for the watch... could have removed it whilst the camera was not on him and put it away - I know not where!

animationking Posted: Jan 2nd 2008

oh yer good point they might of had 2 ladders

Seb Moderator Posted: Jan 6th 2008

My personal favourite continuity error is the Wrong Trousers - in the morning Wallace walks downstairs past Gromit and he's fully dressed, next moment he's down in his dressing gown blow drying his bald head!

It makes me laugh every time I see it, it's as if he went downstairs and then got undressed again!

Josephine Posted: Jan 6th 2008

Seb - p'raps accidentally spilled some tea on himself went upstairs to clean up and the next thing you see is drying his head whilst wearing his dressing gown because the tea stained all his clothes so he had to have a bath in the end.

Daft, I know, but logical 8)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Yeah, strange.;)

Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 6th 2008

here is a picture gromit is holding a bag with his mouth

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Cool! Thank you!:D

Dani_Nev_Bo Posted: Feb 13th 2008

lol!!! u's obviously R & fans!!!!!!

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