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byaboy Posted: Mar 30th 2009

What and why!

ToonLink25 Posted: Mar 31st 2009

My fave. would have to be The Wrong Trousers because I just remember gorwing up and watching that one!!!! Plus, if I were Feathers McGraw (Only in my imagination, I suppose!!!:wink:), I would make Wallace go into Best Buy and steal me a copy of Mario Kart Wii!!!!>:-) LOL, J/K!!!!!|-)

saltyboy Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

my fav is a matter of loaf or death

Fifi1997 Posted: Apr 14th 2009

My Fav is the curse of The Were Rabbit beause it`s funny and cool ;)

w&g75 Posted: May 3rd 2009

my fav is the wrong trousers because it`s funny and the first one i saw

timmytwo Posted: Jan 8th 2010

mine is a close shave

avamadonna Posted: Aug 31st 2011

We love A Close Shave because we love when Wallace says...."porridge today Gromit.....TUEZZdee"!

evastar7 Posted: Sep 1st 2011

my favourite wallace and gromit film is is the cure of the were -rabbit because they have so many funny charecters hutch make me laugh when he says CHEESE!

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Sep 2nd 2011


LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 28th 2011

" The Wrong Trousers" '
Because I love that scene where Gromit builds the train track as it is running. That short scene first got me really interseted in W&G, STS, and most things Aardman. :)

ardman Posted: Feb 9th 2012

no crackers gromit a grand day out :O

Pink-Muffin Posted: Feb 9th 2012

My favourite one is the wrong trousers.
It's funny and has some crime...

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