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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 31st 2009 has teamed up with Aardman Animations – the creators of Morph – to launch an animation competition entitled ‘Morphmation’. Inspired by the hugely popular Make your Own Morph product that the quirky gift e-tailer sells, Firebox will be encouraging Morph lovers to send in their 2 minute stop-motion animations starring the lovable clay figure.


The film festival with a difference will run for six weeks – from mid March until the end of April. Budding animators can upload their entries onto’s dedicated webpage: The e-tailer will then select the five funniest and wackiest Morph adventures and display them on Aardman’s Youtube channel, whereupon fans can rate and comment upon the entries. When choosing the final winner, Aardman will take these comments into account.

The lucky Morphmation winner will receive a one-off signed original sketch – taken from a scene within their film – drawn by Peter Lord, Creative Director of Aardman and co-creator of Morph. Runners up will receive a copy of 'Stop Motion Pro' software and an 'Animation Station' product.

Peter Lord – Creative Director of Aardman and co-creator of Morph, comments: “We started animating with modelling clay because it was cheap and easily available, but we discovered, as we went along, that it's also amazing fun. Modelling clay is really perfect for animation and I'm really excited to see what you can do with it. Amaze me!”

To take part visit

mr joe kidd Posted: Mar 31st 2009

cool iam making mine
katie thanks 4 adding me as a buddy on ci website
like your creation

iantimothy Posted: Mar 31st 2009

is their an age limit

Ursrut Posted: Mar 31st 2009

nope not anymore... if you check the terms and condtions you will find that they have been changed to- if you are under 18 you have to ask the parent or guardians permission

Lozi101 Posted: Mar 31st 2009

hmm..i need a morph making kit and fast
i think i have a really funny animation so I'll start storyboarding now
i have loads of ideas:D

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 31st 2009

Im doing it!!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 1st 2009

Good luck everyone, can't wait to see what you come up with!

beckieeex333 Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

i have just joined so i don't haven any friends yet. please add ?
& can you put pictures on of creation that have been drawn ?
& i am drawing up ideas now!

x x x x x

iantimothy Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

welcome to the site, just call me ian, they don't have a friends feature where you can actually add people, but we are all freinds here. yup! a lot of people put drawing on, the creations contest, and theres a thread called "your drawing"

iantimothy Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

do you do any animation?

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

i'm going to have a good try. i have a good idea,a crazy idea not done in morph before

Piella1 Posted: Apr 2nd 2009

like the idea of cheeeeeeese

Ursrut Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

dow please don't give out personal information ;)

lorik Posted: Apr 3rd 2009

I going to make one!

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 4th 2009

Good luck for everyone who enters!:-(

jordan Posted: Apr 4th 2009

i may not enter!! :O im ramping up modelmaking and set making for my film these 2 weeks i got off.

jills Posted: Apr 4th 2009

I was looking forward to your entry Jordan!

jordan Posted: Apr 5th 2009

im still pondering, i already started soooo.....

iantimothy Posted: Apr 5th 2009

how long do you have?

jordan Posted: Apr 5th 2009

1 sec worth

Boffin Posted: Apr 5th 2009

Well I've managed to make a Morph. Now I just need to try and make another identical one. Regrettably, both are going to end up destroyed but that's the cost of art I guess! Once again I have the utmost admiration for the Aardman animators; how they ever manage to work all the time with plasticine I'll never know.

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 5th 2009

Jordan, do you go at 24fps?

jordan Posted: Apr 5th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 6th 2009

only 3000 more to go!

jills Posted: Apr 6th 2009

Good one, P&B!

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 7th 2009


chees3gromit Posted: Apr 7th 2009

im having trouble getting their voices right. maybe ill have to get audacity and make the pitch higher? how do you all do it?

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 8th 2009

do what?

iantimothy Posted: Apr 8th 2009

buh buh buh bet buh buh

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 8th 2009

thank you ian ;)

for Morph and Chaz's voices. i was wondering if they highered the pitch or just recorded them saying things?

iantimothy Posted: Apr 9th 2009

yeah i think they are higher pitched

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 9th 2009

i think i got all my voices recorded :)

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 10th 2009


Boffin Posted: Apr 10th 2009

excellent work chees3gromit.

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 10th 2009

thank you :)

i have about 7 seconds done of my film so far.

but no sneak peeks, sorry ;)

Boffin Posted: Apr 10th 2009

7 seconds! That's an epic by my standards. Tee hee.

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 10th 2009

thanks Boffin :D

i will add the sounds after im done filming because im not sure how to add multiple sounds in MonkeyJam.

but ive already mapped out the frames the mouth should be open or closed and whatnot.

I REALLY want to win this thing

Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 15th 2009

Hi to all IV finished my morph animation and posted it
Its 1.40 minutes and I hope I get in to the top 3
And its got Viv & Mandy in it

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 15th 2009

mind posting a link?

ill go find it now but for the other people who are, lazy ;)

duckclay Posted: Apr 16th 2009


Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 16th 2009

ill be posting a like once it is up and runing it ant on there yet

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 16th 2009

oh, that makes sense, they probably have to make sure they aren't offensive or anything

gromit and wallace Posted: Apr 17th 2009

good luck too every one who enters cause i cant

gromit and wallace Posted: Apr 17th 2009

them morphs are so cute

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 17th 2009

i have done a storyboard, my morph kit is coming on monday and then hopefully i can get it done. i hope its not too long

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 17th 2009

i hope you dont feel too rushed lozi, because i feel rushed already and i started last week :O

looking forward to all the animations from people on this site

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 18th 2009

my morph kit came today! so i can start animating! after i built my morph, of course

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 18th 2009


iantimothy Posted: Apr 20th 2009

i saw yours chees3gromit! very good!

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 20th 2009

thank you ian :D

i like yours Daniel

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