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iantimothy Posted: Apr 20th 2009

i got 21 seconds on mine

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

yippee i have a grand total of....20seconds so far!!

Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

yaaaay my films on the site now called Morph's Cake Hunt on page 2

Has anyone seen it

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 21st 2009

wow yours is great daniel! i think you may have a chance of going through to the next round, if not winning!
they are looking for funny, and whacky creations, and yours was both!
5 stars :)

Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

THANKS!! Lozi 101

I hope so

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

just telling the truth :)

Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 27th 2009

HI guys here the link to see my morph vid if u like viv & mandy then you will love or just wona see how they talke lol :D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 28th 2009

Phew! I can imagine the pressure is on for Lozi and chees3gromit - but keep going, I bet your animations will turn out great :D

iantimothy Posted: Apr 28th 2009

i am going to finish today! about 5 more seconds

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 28th 2009

finished yesterday, at about 10pm!!
i think its ok, one more check over then I'll upload it

and yeah katie, there was a LOT of pressure to finish on time and revise!

Daniel7084 Posted: Apr 28th 2009

well done Lozi good look

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 28th 2009

looking forward to seeing yours lozi

Daniel7084 Posted: May 6th 2009

can any one tell me when the top 5 will get picked and but on to Aardmans YouTube page

chees3gromit Posted: May 6th 2009

no, but i also would love to know

Lozi101 Posted: May 7th 2009

under terms and conditions:

"winners will be announced two weeks later following a judging process"

therefore i am guessing next thursday at around 4pm:D

Daniel7084 Posted: May 7th 2009

there no there now and i'm not one :'(

oh well

well done to the top 5

Lozi101 Posted: May 7th 2009

yeah well done
guess that revision time i sacrificed wasnt worth it after all :'(

crackingtoast Posted: May 7th 2009

neither was the Two hours inwhich i could be doing my latest wallace and gromit film that has a very tight deadline at the moment.

chees3gromit Posted: May 7th 2009

Ender4000 Posted: May 8th 2009

I got into the top 5, am really chuffed!!! Was my first go at animation and didn't know at all how it would go down or stack up to the competition! This website was really useful in background reading as to where to start and I picked up some really useful tips from here so thanks for that!

My entry is Morph Stains on the Carpet, here's the link to the Aardman Animation website where its posted:

Have a look, feel free to rate/comment with your views...!! Fingers have to wait 2 weeks to see the final result!!

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2009

Lozi101 Posted: May 9th 2009

the dancing morph was really good, are you sure thats your first animation?

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2009

yeah, how old are you?

chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

i think the problem most of us of younger ages cannot afford to spend lots of money on software and materials. well, at least thats my biggest problem...

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2009

hehe ender, i think we are both going to get aced out by the wii fit one, that one already has over 14000 hits

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2009

it reminds me of that one conty did a long time ago

Lozi101 Posted: May 9th 2009

the wii fit one is simple genius
though i must say the morph looks nothing like morph. the head is all wrong. they are all good though.

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2009

for some reason i liked the tea and biscuits one, thought it was funny.

Ender4000 Posted: May 10th 2009

Hey Ian, yeah u may be right!! How is he generating so many hits?? Its amazing...must be people searching for the word "nintendo wii" maybe? Like yours too, its v good, a lot of work went into that i imagine!

Lozi, yep, defo this is my first animation, never even thought about it before! Just had a random email from firebox one day about a morph competition, and thought "stop motion animation? that sounds fun...wonder if i could do it??". Did a LOT of research before starting:
- watched tutorials on youtube
- whats the best free software,
- lighting (desktop lamp!),
- armatures (tried but abandoned as the pasticine was too soft and the armature too hard to move)
- framerate (went with 25fps in the end, after much deliberation)
- how to edit
- scoured morph videos trying to get all the sound effects (try as I did, I could NOT replicate Morph's voice!)
- watched enough Michael Jackson videos to drive me insane

I'm 34, by the way...but costwise, didn't spend anything (apart from the plasticine) as used shareware/freeware to capture and edit. Just took a LOT of time...! Good fun tho!

And ended up with too much footage so had to trim it right down to 2mins dead. And had an alternative ending, which kinda didn't work...will post that on youtube after the competition!

Learnt as we went along, the scenes we did first (ones in the middle-ish) weren't as good as the earlier ones that were filmed last.

The biggest problem (among many) was trying to get consistent lighting. No matter how hard I tried, the lighting still varied a bit between frames... tried to minimise that, but still not perfect. Problem was the curtains weren't thick enough!

Oh and the hat? Made out of a shampoo bottle lid, a piece of cardboard and an old sock!

Ian, like your lip synching...! Esp when he comes out the box. I only dared dabble in lip synch right at the end, in the new ending (the one in the vid). 3 words ("that's all folks!") took me around 5 hours!! Not worth it!

Anywayz, good luck - enemy!!!

chees3gromit Posted: May 10th 2009

i hope either ian or ender win this comp, good luck to the both of you! :D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 11th 2009

Congrats iantimothy and ender4000 - the videos are generating a lot of interest on YouTube!

When Aardman judge they will be taking into account views, comments and ratings, but also using their own animation expertise to pick the winner. So don't worry, you've not lost out to the Wii video already!!

iantimothy Posted: May 11th 2009

cool, ender, did you see on the videos, under info, Peter Lord put a critique about your video saying what he liked and what he thinks could be improved!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D

Ender4000 Posted: May 13th 2009

iantimothy, thanks for that, I hadn't spotted that he'd commented!

iantimothy Posted: May 16th 2009

i think its really great he actually took the time to do that.

ilkka Posted: May 16th 2009


tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 4th 2009

i am trying to make morph out of newplast and am struggling any help

Purple&Brown Posted: Jun 6th 2009

ilkka Posted: Jun 6th 2009


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