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CheeseGromit Posted: Sep 11th 2007

Im Hearing Lots Of People Say - I Want To Work For Aardman -

But Do You Have What It Takes To Be There Working?

So Please Be Honest And Just Answer This Simple Question...

What Do You Rate Yourself Out Of 10 For Modelling?

Harry :D

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 12th 2007

i do this everyday im shore ill see 1 of you in the future if you work for aardman

asterix Posted: Sep 19th 2007

im not very good, but i'll say 3/10 for me.

Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

I Would Say I Am A 7. Contys A 10!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 11th 2007

I don't know what to say. I'm just gonna wait and see if I can make my dream come true. :)

animation boy Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Modelmaking isnt the only thing to work at Aardman for. Infact its one of the most reclining things to do, due to computer animation. People work at Aarman Animate,design,write,build sets, set up cameras and lighting. Infact writing is the most important thing, because no matter how good the models, you have to have a good script.

Harry Posted: Dec 11th 2007

I Agree ABoy, But Everyone Here Likes Modelmaking So I Was Looking To See What They Think There Like At It, Do You Get Me

The Quans Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Not to sound boastful, I think I would rate a 9. I could work to 10 but it would be slower work. I need to keep the quality and pick up the pace. (in my opinion) I believe I could easily work for Aardman in various areas, but he'd have to move me and my family or open up a USA studio. Not sure of the likelyhood, so I'll work on other avenues within the same theme... Always mentoring Aardman. Good question. :)

jordan Posted: Dec 12th 2007

ive really gone with more detail with everything from my last film. modelmaking has really gone up some more too

animation boy Posted: Dec 12th 2007

sorry harry, didnt mean to sound like i was ranting, i get you.

conty Posted: Dec 12th 2007

the quans im really interested to know what you do as a job, if you dont mind me asking? :)

cavor Posted: Dec 12th 2007

jordan are we going to see your last film because it would be nice to see some of your work

jordan Posted: Dec 12th 2007

there going to be on my site in the future

dan123 Posted: Dec 12th 2007

I'll say i'm a 6/10

cavor Posted: Dec 12th 2007

Ok jordan thanks ...keep us posted

jordan Posted: Dec 12th 2007

will do

The Quans Posted: Dec 15th 2007

I don't mind. I'm working on a children's book now. And some animation (hopefully) I am a stay at home mom.

conty Posted: Dec 15th 2007

oohh i thought you were a man :O, sorry!!, my mum is a stay at home mum too, good on you, have you had any books printed? :)

The Quans Posted: Dec 16th 2007

Not yet conty, soon. Not sure how to respond to the rest, other than... Well at least i'm not easily offended. Don't worry about it. :D

conty Posted: Dec 16th 2007

i didnt mean to hurt your feelings its an easy mistake to make on here, and i also think its lovely that you stay at home for your children, my mum stayed home for us, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford to do it, theres nothing like yer mum;)
good luck with your childrens book im sure it will be great, my mum had one done for us when we were very little and all the characters were dinosaurs, the main character was called conor (me) and all the other dinosaurs had names of all my friends at playschool,
sometimes i pick it up and its lovely, as it was done just for me, its very special:D

cavor Posted: Dec 16th 2007

It is an easy mistake to make, I came across a thread talking kindly about your great work conty but they kept referring to you as she.

Also I posted a character picture on a thread 'Your Character' someone praised it referring to me as conty then someone more confused said well done cavor and conty.

People do get confused we are only human.

The Quans Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

I agree. No harm done. :D

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

Wow! The Quans, I thought you were a man as well! Sorry, but I think you were a WELL-DESERVED win for November's Creation of the Month. Well done! Now I know what they say when they say "Mum's the word!";)

cinders1 Posted: Dec 29th 2007

i think this site is great, loads of up and coming young talent, i could easily rate one or two of you a 10, and im shocked at some of the work teenagers are producing one young lad a 10 for sure;)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 29th 2007

Yep, this web is great! ;)

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