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G3zz Posted: Apr 9th 2009

I'm diving into uncharted waters here...
I've never attempted to mix any plasticine before.
So, naturally, I have a couple of questions.
Can newplast be mixed?
How long does this process usually take?
Do you need a double boiler/ will a pan do?

jordan Posted: Apr 9th 2009

you can mix by hand which takes ahwile , or a mixing machine (aardman use an old chewing gum machine), DO NOT melt this can be dangerous, fumes/burns etc.

G3zz Posted: Apr 9th 2009

Ok so you can't use this way:

(A quote from another topic on this forum)

"First, boil some water in the double boiler, and place the base color clay you want to change the color of, in the top pot. Once it is fully melted, place different colors of small pieces of clay into the pot to modify the base color. Keep mixing until the clay is completely fluid, and adjust the colors accordingly. Next, place a long piece of plastic wrap on a level table top.

When you have the color clay you want, pour the still melted clay on the plastic wrap slowly, until it is all out of the pot. Any clay left in the pot should be quickly rubbed out with a paper towel so the next time you mix clay in your pot, the new colors wont mix with the old colors. One word of advice when doing this, is to make sure you have plenty of fresh air in your house because the oil can evaporate into the air and make you sick. Also, melted clay can stick to you if it is spilled on your skin, and will burn. Trust me, I have done it a few times and it hurts quite nicely. So use common sense, or ask an adult for help. "

Can I do that with Newplast? (He used van aken)

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 9th 2009

no. van aken is very mixable, but newplast isnt mixable by melting it.

i'd listen to jordan on this one

jordan Posted: Apr 10th 2009

newplast probs likely to burn rather than melt.

Boffin Posted: Apr 12th 2009

It's not that difficult to mix by hand- perhaps just place it near a radiator before hand. I would weigh each colour to make sure the proportions stay the same in case you have to make more. I've never tried it but I would imagine a pasta mixer would work well or an ordinary rolling pin maybe.

Sirdeltalot Posted: Apr 16th 2009

Just work it a while by hand. It'll mix soon enough.

Sammy the lamb Posted: Apr 16th 2009

Hello... Try getting some oil paints[in your perfered colour] and some white plasticene. mix together. NO MELTING! The plasticene may become weaker, so use a small amount. You will now have a custom coloured plasticene! [Or at least that's my idea. Tried it once, worked okay, never used it since. Try to use the colours avilable if possible.]

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