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wandgfan21 Posted: Apr 16th 2009

I will not post this thread back up to the top. I don't have the money to spare but to those who have THIS IS QUITE RARE!

Triple H Posted: Apr 16th 2009

it is very nice

paulf Posted: Feb 13th 2012

Wow amazing chess set, do you know where I could get one?

cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 13th 2012

I would locv this i ll trade you some pocket lint.


LoveShaun19 Posted: Feb 13th 2012

I love Chess! W&G just make it so much better! :)

Hayley Smart Posted: Sep 11th 2012

I have one of these I bought for £300 years ago but my set doesn't have the rocket as a piece it's been in my parents loft for some time so not sure what my character is for this position. Our of interest how much was it on eBay for?

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Sep 12th 2012

Wow, nice!

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