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katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 6th 2009

Our 21st ‘Creation of the Month’ has now been drawn. April’s competition format was slightly different in that we asked you to submit artwork that you would like to see appear in the final episode of the “Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures” game! April's winners are as follows:


1st Prize – Your creation featured in the final episode of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures + a full series of the game + signed certificate from Nick Park
Nathan M with an excellent set of models of the "Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures" cast!

Runners Up – A full series of "Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures" on PC!
lozi with a super Wallace & Gromit family portrait
duggles73 with a fantastic drawing of Wallace & Gromit enjoying a day at the beach
Sammy the lamb with a stunning model of Gromit in a bee suit!

Congratulations to all our winners! We will be in touch shortly regarding your prizes.

If you didn’t make it this time, why not enter again this month to win some other fantastic Wallace & Gromit goodies! Click here to enter now »

The next draw will take place at the start of June. Good luck!

cheesefanatic Posted: May 6th 2009

well done everyone!!!!!;)

Ursrut Posted: May 6th 2009


Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

OMG thanks so much everyone :'( (crys with happyness) ive never won anything in my life, this means so much to me! thanks so much :D

Michael2008 Posted: May 6th 2009

well done every1

Fifi1997 Posted: May 6th 2009


Lozi101 Posted: May 6th 2009

well done! :)
runner up again :)
one day I will come first and get that signed certificate;)

fluffles the poodle Posted: May 6th 2009

lol lozi thats sort of my aim too ;)
well done on coming runner up and well done everyone else who won a prize too:D

Gromits little bro Posted: May 6th 2009

wooo congrats
lozi and ftp same

Harry Posted: May 6th 2009

No Joshy... Tut Tut Tut...

Well done anyway everyone!

Nathan! Good Job Lad!

Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

thanks Harry.

katie when will i recieve the email, i havent recieved one yet.

666joshy666 Posted: May 6th 2009

Well done guys! I feel the same way Lozi!

Lozi101 Posted: May 6th 2009

nathan, last time I got my e-mail a few days after the announcement, and my last prize arrived on the 1st May (for the april competition)
so it takes a while!:)

Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

thanks for the information

:D ive never won before :D

chees3gromit Posted: May 6th 2009

congrats Nathan and everyone who entered/won! Everyone submitted amazing artwork and videos and should be proud of what they've done.


Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

i still cant belive that i won its so weird how so many people could have won but i did :O i was expecting to come the last runner up to be honest. i feel so privaledged!:D

Nathan M Posted: May 6th 2009

thanks :)

Sammy the lamb Posted: May 7th 2009

WHAT? I won? How come I haven't been imformed?
You guys do have my email right?

Lozi101 Posted: May 7th 2009

it takes a few days for the email to come sammy, last time it toom mine 3 or 4 days after the announcement

Nathan M Posted: May 7th 2009

i recived the email now. :D

lucky2000 Posted: May 7th 2009

:well done those were great

Sammy the lamb Posted: May 8th 2009

I am confused.
What prizes do I get? Just the games?

when do I recieve the email?

Lozi101 Posted: May 9th 2009

the games and a certificate, but not signed by nick park. you download the games with a code the emial contains
the email will arrive soon, i got mine yesterday

Nathan M Posted: May 9th 2009

i got mine a couple of days ago. im addicted to the games.

Lozi101 Posted: May 9th 2009

im gonna downlaod mine eventually haha
are they good?

chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

they have wallace and gromit in them, they have to e good ;)

ilkka Posted: May 9th 2009

Nathan M Posted: May 9th 2009

the games are brill you will enjoy them, i have! :D:D:D

Sammy the lamb Posted: May 10th 2009

I have recieved the email now.

I'm very pleased as it was a joint effort with my dad.

prettyprincezz15 Posted: May 10th 2009

ilkka Posted: May 10th 2009

lol :);):D8)

lucky2000 Posted: May 17th 2009

Those was really good...

lucky2000 Posted: Jul 10th 2009

so cool
well done for winning the prizes
well done for entering as well

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