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thespazicat Posted: May 9th 2009

given the idea from other people on the site, i decided to make a thread all about my animations, films and drawing updates in the one thread.
this is better than having random threads popping up all over the place.
so, just to get started here are a few updates:

Scrap book is nearing completion. 85% done, 15% to go (i am so awsome with maths)

haggis and neep 2 is finally getting started. (took ye long enough)

although still in a draft, i am working on 2 secret scripts for future projects.

i am currently reading william shatners autobio. nothing interesting here.

i am providing voices for crackingtoast aka htprods in his upcoming w&g animation.

and im going to see star trek WOOT.


Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009

Great to hear all the updates, least we know now hich thread to find everyting on instaed of findinfg loads scattered all over the place.;)

chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

glad you liked my idea spazi

Star Trek is a great movie! well, besides one...umm... inappropriate scene towards the beginning

thespazicat Posted: May 9th 2009

im also discussing doing a live action series with a friend:

Ming and D*ck.
D*ck isn't a naughty word, its short for Richard.

its about two idiots, a safari guy, and an animal called the rare spotted ming.

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009

So why did you use the '*'?

thespazicat Posted: May 9th 2009

because the site wont let me use the actual word

Purple&Brown Posted: May 9th 2009

oh, ok

chees3gromit Posted: May 9th 2009

sounds good, looking forward to your next animations and the live action series too

crackingtoast Posted: May 10th 2009

thanks for updates and thanks for the mention.

thespazicat Posted: May 14th 2009

well folks, i have a treat for ya. i actually got the chance to record me live playing axel f on my keyboard. this is the same axel f version i performed for my music class, and passed.

this also makes it the first spazicat hd/widescreen video on the tube, hope you like it.

Purple&Brown Posted: May 14th 2009

LOL, that was awesome!

thespazicat Posted: May 14th 2009

also, i have finished animating scene 1 of h&n 2, bought star trek season 1 and drew this to congratulate the new movie being AWESOME!

thespazicat Posted: May 22nd 2009

hey guys me again.

just to let you know, i have removed some videos off of youtube that i thought werent needed on my cannel such as trailers, tests and that purpe and brown animation.

but dont worry, i'll probably re-upload them on the tenth aneversary of thespazicat productions. lol.

any how, the nothern project a.k.a the band doing h&N music are wanting me to do a cover with them. the song they are covering is tenacious d: beezleboss

i will be playing the devil, however it is not a song for the faint of hearted as there is a lot of naughty words in it.

one of the band members (alex) and i have been discussing when we would film ming and d*ck. that would probably be soon.

by the way, alex is d*ck, im ming.

also, if you come across my bebo page, for the love of god, please dont type anything about w&g on my this is the only site i would talk about it on.


crackingtoast Posted: May 22nd 2009

aww,you shouldn't have deleted them. and i can't wit that long for the tenth aniiverairy

Wilsations Animations Posted: May 22nd 2009

what was that last word ct

crackingtoast Posted: May 22nd 2009

lol sorry. 'Anniversairy'. there we go. i said it.:D

crackingtoast Posted: May 26th 2009

spazicat,can you provide me with a picture of haggis and neep to go on one of my newspapers in my wallace and gromit film.

crackingtoast Posted: May 26th 2009

there's a little bit of an 'in-joke' with the newspaper. the newspaper haggis and neep are the headline on is the scotshman lol:D

Fifi1997 Posted: May 28th 2009

A pony went to the doctors and said i`m not sure whats wrong with me and the doctor said I know what the problem is you`r a little horse !!!! hahahahahhaha

crackingtoast Posted: May 28th 2009

Fifi1997,that's spamming and not even funny. don't spam again or you'll be spammed.

thespazicat Posted: May 28th 2009

crackingtoast Posted: May 28th 2009

lol that was brilliant. very funny. but i was soo dissapointed when it said it wasn't finished. ggrrrr.
awesome animation,by the way.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 28th 2009

Awesome, liked it alot!;)

Purple&Brown Posted: May 28th 2009


thespazicat Posted: May 29th 2009

oh god, what have i done. i have asked someone out, this time its someone from my class. now im going to get slagged because she isn't exactly skinny (but not fat):'( what am i going to do?

cheesefanatic Posted: May 29th 2009

Well, what's wrong with not being skinny? Beauty is on the outside in my opinion!

cheesefanatic Posted: May 29th 2009

And why exactly did you ask her out in the first place? Tut Boys! Still, your not all annoying!lol!|-)

thespazicat Posted: May 29th 2009

well, because i fancied her the first time i saw her.
she has a great personality and good sense of humour.

crackingcheese Posted: May 29th 2009

I you truly like her her weight wouldnt matter;)

cheesefanatic Posted: May 30th 2009

yes, exactly what I was going to say!:)

thespazicat Posted: May 30th 2009

okay, new video posted starring haggis and neep (its not ep.2)

crackingtoast Posted: May 31st 2009

that was funny:D

i can't wait for episode 2!

thespazicat Posted: Jun 5th 2009

few things

1. the girl thing didnt work so well, but were stil friends (i might ask her to be in a video)

2.i've been searching for second hand toys and stuff to hack to bits and put in the background. i bought a mars attacks martian, geordie from star trek, a helicopter and a tank (now spray painted black)

3. scrap book was a hit with my friends

4. im starting not to be lazy

5. chat with me on blog tv for more info

thespazicat Posted: Jun 6th 2009

who wants a desktop background?

thespazicat Posted: Jun 28th 2009

hiya folks, it took me long enough for another update but here it goes:
1.yes i have been doing haggis and neep

2.the musical scores are finally done cgi set created

4.i broke haggis

5.i broke harold

6.scrap book is coming along slowly cgi mouth program has crashed :( youtube channel look (sadly no link because this laptop is slow)

9.i've have entered a google contest to design an alternitave logo with the theme my hero (i did angus young from acdc)

10.third year is ok by the way

11.i am now officially a voice actor on newgrounds

12.scotland get's their holidays first before england and america (sorry :wink:)

13.cracking toast, can i do a one off voice in your doctor who series?

14. r.i.p michael jackson, the king of pop.

15. still single :-(

16. currently writing a short alphabet book called "Connor Baxter's A-Z of the state of the obvious".

and thats me for now folks! ta ta.

Cameronl Posted: Jun 28th 2009

I live in Scotland as well spazicat:)

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 28th 2009

anwser to 13: Yeah,that would be aweosme. i was hoping for someone to do a voice for this ancient egyptian god thing in one of my next episodes

thespazicat Posted: Jun 28th 2009

booyah casha!

thespazicat Posted: Jun 28th 2009

thespazicat Posted: Jun 28th 2009

and this for anything else

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 29th 2009

that's awesome. i'm goanna have an episode with the daleks soon so i know who's goanna be voicing them. i'll private email you on this subject on youtube and tell you the lines.

thespazicat Posted: Jun 30th 2009


thespazicat Posted: Jul 2nd 2009

fellow users, though been on this site for over a year now and have been respected a lot, i have a shocking thing to say.... i was morph007

thespazicat Posted: Jul 2nd 2009

nah, just kidding! made u look!

any how, coming soon, exclusively for this site, the original, the very first ever haggis and neeps are coming... keep your eyes peeled

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

ooh,that sounds good. are they different or relatively the same?

thespazicat Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

some are funny, some are normal, some are crud. (shutter... haggis and neep the 5th series).

thespazicat Posted: Jul 4th 2009

original concept art

wallace295 Posted: Jul 5th 2009

hehe Looksgood

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