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katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 12th 2009


You may remember we posted a story about the Morphmation competition running on Firebox. The competition has now closed and out of a whopping 132 amazing entries, 5 have been shortlisted.

These 5 finalists are being showcased on Aardman’s YouTube channel for 2 weeks so that you can rate and comment on your favourite. Aardman will then take all your views, votes and comments into account and pick a winner, who will receive a very special signed Morph sketch.

Visit Aardman’s YouTube channel now to start voting!

Lozi101 Posted: May 12th 2009

cool, well done to all the finalists :)
i entered, but didnt get through :(

Daniel7084 Posted: May 12th 2009

me to :-(

but well done to who did :D


question will i be ok to use my morph animation as a Special Feature on my Viv & Mandy DVD the will get shown around schools or will that break copyright laws of Aardman ?

ilkka Posted: May 12th 2009

Wilsations Animations Posted: May 12th 2009

I vote for you IanTimothy!

jordan Posted: May 12th 2009

FISHCAKES the best!

mr joe kidd Posted: May 12th 2009

i vote iantimothy
well done to all the finalists.


chees3gromit Posted: May 12th 2009

i vote for Morph Stains and Iantimothy

iantimothy Posted: May 12th 2009

hey Jordan, did you end up entering one?

Purple&Brown Posted: May 13th 2009

I'm voting for ian!|-)

jordan Posted: May 13th 2009

nope to busy with my animation, and somebody called me a fishcake after i posted a reply to the vid on youtube, bloomin cheek...

ilkka Posted: May 13th 2009

thank! :D:D

iantimothy Posted: May 13th 2009

i can't believe how many hits that wii one has, i could use some more views and comments, hehe, the problem is i can't really tell too many people here, because they don't know who morph is, there loss! :'(

Gromits little bro Posted: May 14th 2009

the wii one is too short for me...

crackingtoast Posted: May 25th 2009

i really don't see how the wii one got through. i mean,the morph model isn't the best and it's too short.

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 5th 2009

Who is morph

jordan Posted: Jul 5th 2009

singing sheep Posted: Jul 6th 2009

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