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mr joe kidd Posted: May 21st 2009

Sadley today the voice of Micky mouse died at the age of 62.
The American actor who was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years has died at the age of 62.

Wayne Allwine had worked at The Walt Disney Co since 1966, starting in the mailroom before he became the voice of the famous cartoon mouse in 1977.

The Walt Disney Co said Allwine died of complications from diabetes, with his wife, an actress who was the voice of Minnie Mouse, by his side.

His voice can still be heard at Disney theme parks around the world.

Allwine also voiced Mickey in Mickey's Christmas Carol and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

You just have to love the little guy while you have him, because he won't be yours forever

Wayne Allwine on Mickey Mouse
He won an Emmy Award in 1986 for sound editing on the NBC series Amazing Stories.

He was the third person to voice Mickey - following Walt Disney himself and Jimmy MacDonald.

Allwine once said: "Mickey's the real star.

"You know you just have to love the little guy while you have him, because he won't be yours forever."

He was praised by Walt Disney bosses, with Roy Disney, director emeritus for The Walt Disney Co, saying he gave Mickey Mouse "a heart and soul".

Cameronl23 Posted: May 21st 2009

WoW Really?

iantimothy Posted: May 21st 2009


cheesefanatic Posted: May 28th 2009

I heard about that I read it in a magazine article on mycbbc, i nearly cried!:'(

wallace295 Posted: May 30th 2009

no more mickey mouse!:'( Im gonna make a story to commemorate his death. It'll be called:
Goodbye Mickey

iantimothy Posted: May 30th 2009

well, mickey has had 3 voices already so they probably already have another

wallace295 Posted: Jun 13th 2009

true ian

Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 13th 2009

RIP , isnt tha alreaddy 1 , RIP

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