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conty Posted: Dec 19th 2007

when trouble at mill was announced i got to thinking about other characters that could cause a bit of 'trouble at mill'

i came up with this character that i called 'johnney rock and roll' bit of a ladies man as he loves nothing more than to be baking his special 'rock' cakes and bread 'rolls' and twisting his day away baking

his bakerie would be filled with rock and roll music and at the end of his day takes his lady, piellas sister 'cherry bakewell' out for a jive:D

conty Posted: Dec 20th 2007

do you have any ideas of some characters that would fit into the idea of trouble at mill?

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 20th 2007

Murderers! I can't think of anything else except a butler for Pianna if she is rich.:)

conty Posted: Dec 21st 2007

ha ha just thought maybe johnney could be the murderer, he could be using his rock cakes as weapons!!!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 21st 2007

Rock cakes? Wow! That was a really good idea, but also random at the same time.:D

Harry Posted: Dec 21st 2007

what about a little boy that is a local in top bun, that would be funny watching a little boy every day buying bread rolls from them, hehe:D

Well done conty

jordan Posted: Dec 21st 2007

what they made of , sculpey , fimo?

cavor Posted: Dec 21st 2007

Hi jordan if you look on this thread of the single picture of 'Johnney rock and roll' you can see platicine in the background of the picture when it is enlarged.

conty Posted: Dec 21st 2007

newplast and they are about 10 inches in height, but theyre not that good i was in a real rush to get them done, cherry bakewells feet look terrible and i should of taken more time on her outfit too, but hey it was just an idea, just a bit of fun:D

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

Do you think Newplast is better than Plasticine, Conty?:D

conty Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

yes i do, but i guess that everyone has their own ideas on that, i do really want to have a go with lots of other materials too, just havent got round to it yet, i only got into newplast as aardman use it so guessed from that it must be good;)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Where do you get Newplast, Conty?:D

Harry Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

You Can Get It From Hobbycraft Or The Internet. I Will Try Find A Website To Buy It From,

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Thank you, Harry!

conty Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

sorry not been about, been shopping for christmas!! i order it by post, its a tricky way of ordering, easier on internet if you can find it, but its just the way mum orders it for me:)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Do you know anywhere on the Internet you can buy it?:)

conty Posted: Dec 24th 2007

no sorry, but heres a link to my morph creation and its got all the info on there about how i get mine delivered, hope that helps

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Thank you, Conty. I saw your Morph creation. It was the first creation I ever looked at when I joined this web! It's great!:D

conty Posted: Dec 29th 2007

has no-one else have any ideas of characters for trouble at mill?

jordan Posted: Dec 29th 2007

nope , im too busy with my own for my new film busy busy 2008 will be the 3rd year of production mostly filming.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 29th 2007

Oh my god, Jordan, are you making a real film? As in one that'll go on DVD or something. Or is it just something for the Creation of the Month that has just taken far too long?:D

conty Posted: Dec 29th 2007

im in the middle of making some characters too for my animation, but having some problems with my camera so i could be a while yet untill its sorted
im looking forward to seeing this movie your making jordan

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 29th 2007

Wow, what's your movie called Conty and what's going to happen in it?;)

Harry Posted: Dec 30th 2007

I Am Also Going To Make One,, Movie Mad We Are!

conty Posted: Dec 30th 2007

dont want to say, but its one of the ideas ive had rattling round in my head for some time, but its not anything that ive seen before, so it may not be as funny as i think,

just have to wait n see, only just finished one model for it and im going to need a few so it may take a while yet:O:D

Harry Posted: Dec 30th 2007

conty, what do you use for eyes. i might just get a peice of wire and loads of wooden balls with the wire through the hole then leave them in some white paint for a while, will that work, it might leave a slight shiny effect, well good luck on your film, i think i would like to see a mrs growbag model from you and hope you do some more creations, your work has improved since your first wallace one and it just gets better and better, well good luck in the future and have a happy new year to you all,

conty Posted: Dec 31st 2007

i use white beads mum gets them from ebay for me, they are shiney, ive never painted them white but i cant see why not,,the models that i posted first were quite old ones, but yes i have improved over time, we all will if we keep at it;)
happy new year to you too harry, ave a good one:)

Harry Posted: Dec 31st 2007

What Do You Search On Ebay For Them

jordan Posted: Dec 31st 2007

i got packs of 300 3 years ago still got loads of beads left lol

cavor Posted: Dec 31st 2007

Any good tips on painting the centre of the eye anyone apart from a steady hand?

conty Posted: Dec 31st 2007

yep, instead of a drill bit, put in a fine paint brush, both of coarse (the eye and the drill) would have to be clamped, that way you'll get a perfect circle;)

harry yeah i just put in 8mm round white beads, and just see which ones i fancy, you need to check the picture as some have the centre hole too big;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 1st 2008

Conty - well done, YOU!!!! Johnny Rock 'n' Roll and Cherry Bakewell are well FAB! I can imagine them at the local dancehall taking the would go like hot cakes! Johnny would cadge Cherry for a few shillings to buy two bottles of Vimto complete with a stripey straw...

conty Posted: Jan 1st 2008

thanks josephine:)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 2nd 2008

Well, Conty I'll be anticipating your movie. I've only got one model made as well!:)

Josephine Posted: Jan 2nd 2008

Yeah! I agree!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 3rd 2008

When is the estimated release time?

conty Posted: Jan 3rd 2008

who knows..... having problems with my camera live feed which is so frustrating as i done all the homework on what to buy,
stopmotion pro belived the G9 a compatable camera, but its not!!! the G7 is ahhhhh, dont know whats going to happen now as i need a camera and all the money has been spent on the G9, though SMP said they are buying the camera to make it one of the cameras they recommend but it could take months before they sort it all out:'(

conty Posted: Jan 4th 2008

as to when i get animating i hope before im grey!!!! ive only made one short clip so dont go getting excited, im going to need loads of practice and i havent even had a go on the software yet!!!!:O;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 4th 2008

Well, I hope ye get that camera fixed. There's something wrong with my camera too. IT WON'T UPLOAD ANYTHING!!! But I'm trying to get it fixed.:'(

conty Posted: Jan 5th 2008

good luck;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 5th 2008


conty Posted: Jan 7th 2008

anymore ideas of some characters for trouble at mill:)

Harry Posted: Jan 7th 2008

i might make one, you will see when its done

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 7th 2008

What about other bakers who are jealous of Wallace and Gromit because they are faster deleverers.:D

conty Posted: Jan 7th 2008

great harry, are you going to do one of your famous drawings, id love to see your idea of a new character:)

mark the shark, i guess all the bakers will be jealous of W&G, as they will have great contraptions to help with the ole baking business;)
i wonder what other contraptions they'll have?

Harry Posted: Jan 7th 2008

Conty, Even Better, Well Maybe Not, I Might Do A Model And Drawing, The Drawing Might Be Done By Tonight, Well, I Want To Do A Model Too, It Might Come On The Site In Parts...


conty Posted: Jan 7th 2008

great look forward to seeing it, when its done post it here for me to see:)

Harry Posted: Jan 7th 2008

I Have Done. But I Will Post It Tomorrow

Harry Posted: Jan 7th 2008

I Might Draw It Again, Well When I Post It I Have To Say My Mum Chose The Name, I Might Show Her Yours Conty, If You Dont Mind. Well I Will Make A Thread About He/She Them/Him/Her! Hehe. Well I Might Make More Than I Am Wishing To!

Harry Posted: Jan 8th 2008

It Will Be Coming Soon Today, In The Forum Production Video Blog As Names Thread Of "...... ....." trouble at mill

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