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squigly Posted: Mar 4th 2008

oooh conty...I just read back to the beginning of this thread. If you stick with your original idea of ;)Johnny playing rock 'n roll music while baking, the name of his bakery could be "Rock 'n Rollin' in Dough" and you could still go with "Rock 'n Rollers" for :-XCherry Bakewell's hairstyling shop next door.

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 4th 2008

Hello Squigly!;)

conty Posted: Mar 4th 2008

good un squigly!!!! hehe;) hi mark:)

squigly Posted: Mar 5th 2008

Hi sharkie and conty!|-)

conty, did you ever enter johnny and cherry in Creations? If you didn't, you should. I think they're great!

conty Posted: Mar 5th 2008

no i didnt squigly, maybe i should of done but i wasnt very pleased with her feet, oh and im feeling sad tonight, dont know who done it but someone or something (meg) has moved my camera, all of my filming is ruined!!!! and ive got to start from the beginning again!!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhh im going to have to start locking the door;)

cavor Posted: Mar 5th 2008

A good tip is to get gaffer tape to fasten the legs of the tripod down this way you can get away with a nock or two sometimes!!
I'm afraid its a place many of use have been who do animation for hobbies or professionally

Chin up lad;)

squigly Posted: Mar 6th 2008

ooohhhhh, so sorry to hear that.:'(:-|

I bet you it's meg who's making her very own Day in the Life of a Dog movie. Better check your models too to see if there are any dog hairs and paws prints left behind. You'll have to bring in to investigate.|-)

conty Posted: Mar 6th 2008

ooohh its ok, i can do it again, i was fed up so i decided to have another practice at lip sync as im not all that confident yet, but its getting better, ive got to go out tonight but i will try and finish it the weekend;)

Harry Posted: Mar 7th 2008

hehe sqigly, its new and never done before. DOG MOVIE

"woof woof, woof woof, woof, woof!"

the end!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 7th 2008


jordan Posted: Mar 8th 2008

heres one i just thought of ,, well thought of it lst week but just remembered it 'Bun In The Oven' Baby Shop

Harry Posted: Mar 8th 2008

what about "bakin burger buns" as piella is a big woman

jordan Posted: Mar 8th 2008

lol harry

Harry Posted: Mar 8th 2008

hehe, im thinkin of more!

Harry Posted: Mar 8th 2008

what about, people calling wallaces buns dangerous because of all the electrical things he uses, nickname "static bun"

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 8th 2008


jordan Posted: Mar 9th 2008

Andy Apples, Apple Pies, shop slogan: We Got Pies in the Skys

jordan Posted: Mar 9th 2008


Andy Apples, Apple Pies, shop slogan: We Got Pies For Eyes!! hehe

conty Posted: Mar 10th 2008

hehe youve all be wracking yer brains!!!! some great names, ive been thinking about the new name 'a matter of loaf or death', and it doesnt roll of the tongue if you know what i mean, maybe we could come up with a few more names that the movie could be called as i suppose it could change again, have you got any ideas? ;)

jordan Posted: Mar 11th 2008

every time i say "a matter & loaf or death"

its tricky to say, the loaf & death bit

squigly Posted: Mar 14th 2008

I think "A Matter of Loaf or Death" is too long to fit on a DVD (hint);)

cavor Posted: Mar 14th 2008

Its still early day's so the name could still change!;)

squigly Posted: Mar 15th 2008

keeping the toes, paws, and tentacles crossed!;)

cinders1 Posted: Mar 15th 2008

oh squigly i feel another creation is in the making!!!!;)

squigly Posted: Mar 15th 2008

hehe...still bouncing some ideas around in my head. might have a go at the case cover. i'll have to sharpen those colored pencils a bit as there's more surface to work with. anyway, i'll probably not enter COTM until the next time Fleeced is the prize again!

i think "A Matter of Loaf or Death" makes a better subtitle than the main title, don't you?

cinders1 Posted: Mar 17th 2008

it will grow on me;), i did like trouble at mill:)

squigly Posted: Mar 18th 2008

hey, did you notice in that Sally Lindsay announcement that Katie posted...they're calling the film A Matter of Loaf and Death not or Death. They keep switching it around, don't they? Good thing I haven't done that DVD case yet! lol;)

cinders1 Posted: Mar 18th 2008

uummm sounds like theres going to be a death then!!!! its still not growing on me, its a clever title but i cant say i like it:-( i think they will change it again;) id hold on before you go making that creation, or stock up on a load of discs hehe!!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 21st 2008

Or! MAN!;)

conty Posted: Mar 31st 2008

i think we have a spanish twist to the film eh!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 4th 2008


jodyblue1 Posted: Apr 5th 2008

What because of the hats Nick and the crew ware somthings afoot(and it aint cheese)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Hi Jodyblue1!;)

squigly Posted: Apr 12th 2008

conty, have you and cinders returned from the beach yet?

i've had an idea for a side business for Johnney Rock 'n Roll. He bakes dog biscuits and other doggie treats and opens a shop called.....(cue: drumroll)...The Barkery |-)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 12th 2008

hehe squigly thats brilliant!!!:D

yes we have returned, but we are beat, we have had an energetic holiday packed with lots of walks running around in the sand dunes and playing lots of football, topped with far too much food and drink!!! but we did have a really good time and suprising as it sounds we had sunshine everyday!!! :)

have we missed much since weve been gone?:)

jordan Posted: Apr 12th 2008

the new production stills unless you seen them or dont want to, they dont give anything away really which is a good thing.

conty Posted: Apr 13th 2008

just seen them, great update of pics:)

squigly Posted: Apr 13th 2008

conty, how do you like the Barkery idea for Johnney's side business?

conty Posted: Apr 13th 2008

i think its fab:D but you always have great ideas, it could be gromits side line, as long as he doesnt eat the profits hehe;) that would be barkin mad!!!!

Harry Posted: Apr 13th 2008

How about Johney getting sent to prison for opening a bakery called Butterfly Cakes and there real butterflies on the cake!

conty Posted: Apr 13th 2008

didnt teddy boys wear loafers? hehe that would be brilliant if ive got that right!!!!, johnney rock n roll baking in his rock n roll bakerie wearing his loafers!!!! hehehe brilliant!!!! :D

conty Posted: Apr 13th 2008

oh no cinders just said she thinks they where called beetle crushers!!!

squigly Posted: Apr 13th 2008

haha conty... wearing loafers in the bakery and when he courts Piella in TAM:AMOLAD

If The Barkery doesn't work out for , I guess you could say that he went barking up the wrong tree!

Cool idea, Harry.

cinders1 Posted: Apr 14th 2008

butterfly cakes, i like it harry;)

CRUMBS could be a saying that could be used in the film, im sure there will be plenty of them around with gutsy piella!!!;)

flash678 Posted: Apr 14th 2008


conty Posted: Apr 14th 2008

hey ive finished my new model, ive put it on the creation page but its not uploaded yet, you can veiw her on my deviantart account here :)

J-Snake Posted: Apr 14th 2008

Hey conty that looks awsome!!!

squigly Posted: Apr 15th 2008

Crumbs, cinders! I do believe you're on the right trail. Just follow the crumbs!!

conty Posted: Apr 15th 2008

hehe squigly, me n mums sat together while im modelmaking she said shes got experience as she follows the crumbs to find me, well thats if im not at the fridge!!!! hehe;)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 15th 2008

CRUMBS id better get some housework done:O

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