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Harry Posted: Apr 15th 2008

CRUMBS, Piella's left us working late from the mess of missing her mouth! Gromit we've got to do something!

cinders1 Posted: Apr 15th 2008

i feel an invention coming on a ,,,,,o'matic;)

Harry Posted: Apr 16th 2008

Hehe, what about a Scrub-a-dub-o'matic!

squigly Posted: Apr 17th 2008

teehee...are there milk trails to the fridge as well?

here's something to help you with the housework, cinders...a magic wand!!!

oh CRUMBS!! it's jumped to the next page!

hmmmm, a Crumbs-be-gone robot in the works, perhaps?

conty Posted: Apr 17th 2008

me and my brother helped her out yesterday, i think shes doing the washing today, well i can hear the machine going!!!! or taking off!!!!!;)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 18th 2008

ooohhh thankyou squigly i could do with that wand!!!!!! i am finally catching up with it all, eerrggghhh i dont much like housework, i like holidays!!!!!!!;) oh and conty asked me to do a voice recording last night for his animation, CRINGE!!!!! oohh i sound awfull real west country, i need to practice being posh!!!!! hehe theres no hope;)

squigly Posted: Apr 19th 2008

when will we get to hear it?!?!?!?!:O will you be saying things like "Crumbs!" I don't know what west country sounds like so it would be a real good learning experience for me. What kind of character is this for?

conty...give her a lot of dialogue!!!;)

conty Posted: Apr 19th 2008

squigly theres loads of dialogue for her!!! i might not use it yet, my girlfriends spending the day here tomorrow so i might ask her to do it, mum sounds awfull but we laughed alot recording it, she sounds like a faaarmerrrs wife!!!!!:D its for my 3 little characters that ive posted on the creations page, heres one of me having a go at animating

squigly Posted: Apr 20th 2008

conty, even if you don't use cinders' voice for your animation, save it....for posterity! about just filming a pic of say, Mrs. Mulch and just letting your mom's recording run on the audio track. then post it either here or on DA. I would love to hear it. I'm so curious now!

jordan Posted: Apr 20th 2008

i got my mum reprising her role of the voice she did im my last film too

Harry Posted: Apr 20th 2008

Great picture conty, squigly seems like your wanting to see this more that A Matter of Loaf and Death, its good to see your animating conty. Is this in your animation room?

conty Posted: Apr 20th 2008

harry yes it is my modelmaking/animation room although its nearly full up already:O

squigly i cant think of anyone you might know that sounds like us, you could try googling 'jethro' hes a west country comedian, my gramp sounds just like him, mums not as bad but i think it will give you an idea!!!!! hehe;):D oh and if youve not heard of jethro, hes really funny!!!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 20th 2008

Hi Conty! Those things are looking great! I want to see your animation! Can't wait, buddy! :D

cinders1 Posted: Apr 20th 2008

squigly try this link for jethro, he does sound like my dad when hes had a pint;)

squigly Posted: Apr 21st 2008

harry, just curious about what a west country "faaarmerrrs wife" sounds like. and when conty becames a famous animator like NP, he can include the "early recordings" of his mum for one of his first animations as a DVD extra.

cinders, i don't think that jethro's accent sounds bad at all. i could understand practically everything. maybe it's a UK thing. like in the US you can tell regional accents - boston, New York, creole etc. even in hawaii there's a local accent we call pidgin which some people are ashamed about. i'm sure your recording will sound great...give the character more..."character" i'm sure!;)

conty Posted: Apr 21st 2008

thanks sharkie, ive done about half of the filming, but dont go getting excited im not great at this animation thing;)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

ooohhh squigly i cringe when i hear myself i dont belive i really sound like that!!! oh well i guess i will never be posh!!!!!!

squigly Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

I think most people cringe when they hear their own voice. That's why I use the generic message on answering machines and cell phones!

well, if you can't sound posh, you might as well look it. you've got those great boots to start!:)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

and the posh haircut hehe!!!! and there it ends:D

squigly Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

there you go!! just pretend you have laryngitis.

cinders1 Posted: Apr 22nd 2008

oh yeah they would love that, for me to lose my voice, mayhem springs to mind!!!!!!|-)

conty Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

production has stopped on my little film, ive got 3 weeks before my exams so i need to buckle down and revise, i really need good marks, see you next month;)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 23rd 2008

Oh crud. Oh well, good luck in those exams! You get going and do those things dude! Well done! ;)

squigly Posted: Apr 24th 2008

Good luck, study hard! cinders' laryngitis should be healed by then, hehe!!

cinders1 Posted: Apr 24th 2008

he will squigly hes a good lad;) im so glad im not a teenager again!!!! but oohh would i be different if i was again!!!! but hey my grannie always used to say 'i wish i knew at your age what i do now' i always wondered what she was on about, but now i know and its too late!!!!!:-|

squigly Posted: Apr 25th 2008

hehe...all we can do at this point is reminisce, cringe, laugh, cry and wonder in amazement how we survived. it's no wonder we're not allowed to make legally binding decisions until we're 18. but hey, it's all a part of growing and learn as they say.

is that the same grannie who used to fling buttered bread around the table from a loaf tucked under her arm?|-)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 25th 2008

no the flinging bread grannie was my great gran always with a woodbine stuck to her lip, when i was little i used to wonder if she glued it into place in the mornings!!!! hehe

my nan that had the advice we called 'nannie up to bed' as she was always in bed, she sufferd alot and didnt have great health, so i guess that was why she always had great advice she didnt want us to miss out on the things that she did, and was always keeping on to me to wear a vest!!!!! it cracks me up when i hear my mum say the same to my boys!!!! and they dont listen to the advice either!!!! its just not cool to wear a vest;)

squigly Posted: Apr 26th 2008 day you'll be saying the same things to Conty's kids too, I bet. Conty, you better start purchasing those vests now for the kids!

cinders1 Posted: Apr 29th 2008

hehe maybe a vest like wallace wears!!!!! oooohhhh rock my socks!!!!!!!!!!!! just need the knotted hanky on the head and the ole rolled up trousers, what a fashion icon!!!;)

Fish Posted: Apr 30th 2008

Cinders - is Conty studying nonstop?? Hope it is going well for him! 8)

cinders1 Posted: Apr 30th 2008

hi fish, hes studying well but im encouraging him to take lots of breaks in his study to draw or play on his guitar as i think otherwise there is too much pressure, hes enjoying his archery at the moment on a weekend and is really good at it,
he really loves making his models and coming on here but the hours are gone in a flash, and hes right that he cant do it all and i know he will be straight back to it when the exams are over, hes very sensible for his age, i just hope it doesnt change!!!!!;)

anyway how are you, i guess all the snow has gone now and things are warming up in your part of the world, im looking forward to the summer, cant wait to see the back of my wellies for a few months|-)

conty Posted: May 4th 2008

hi guys, seems like ive been gone from here forever!!! i hope ive not missed too much:O just a quick visit as ive missed you all, my room is gathering dust but i have managed to do a bit of drawing, i might take a photo of it later and post it in your drawings thread

our cousins are down from london today so it will be busy, theyre still crazy little ones and will want to climb all over me and rough me up!!! might wear my rugby armour!!!!;)

squigly Posted: May 4th 2008

conty the drawings thread is all the way on page 3 by now. we need you to post some pics to revive it! Maybe after you've had a chance to take off your rugby armour! lol|-)

Mark the shark Posted: May 5th 2008

You play rugby, Conty? I'd be far too weak too. I may be aggressive but I do admit I ain't Hercules. ;)

squigly Posted: May 6th 2008

I should think you are the agressive type...I've never heard of a timid shark!;)

Ursrut Posted: May 6th 2008

So how do u think the tests went then conty???
Revise hard enough???

Ursrut Posted: May 6th 2008

The math exam was hard!!

conty Posted: May 9th 2008

hehe now i know who you are ursrut:O a girl in my class maybe!!! cool i know someone here other than mum!!!! as for the maths i thought it was ok, last day of exams today yipppeeeee well except for the french exam, but thats extra towards my gcse's sometime next week

sharkie the rugby season is over now, but i bet your not weak!!! ive never had a fight, you dont have to be a hard man to play rugby:)

its athletics now yyaaahhhoooo!!!! i love it, im off to bath university next thursday, see if all my discus training has paid off, started one to one training with an ex international discus thrower, it was brilliant!!!! anyway gotta go i better not be late for school:)

squigly Posted: May 9th 2008

hi conty! yay, last day of exams!!!

hey, did you know that Bryan Clay, the 2004 Olympic medalist in the decathalon, is from Hawaii? His website has a video that shows him throwing the discus (as well as the javelin, long jumping, high jumping, running etc.). You might be interested in looking at it. Here's the link:

Ursrut Posted: May 9th 2008

Hmmm... maybe i should have kept my identity a secret, boy in my class at school maybe.
Well that is something to say isn't;), knowing someone other then your mum on this.
Thought the science exam was alright but the math one was hard for a reason i got given the wrong one. i got a 5-7 instead of a 4-6.
That french one, i don't think is going to go well for me. French is better then german but in german i can get away with the bad accent i have. :'(

cinders1 Posted: May 11th 2008

thanks for the link squigly conty will love that!!! hes in the land of nod still but i will show him when he gets up, weve been busy over the last few weeks, nearly as bad as doing exams DECORATING!!! but its nearly finished and it looks lovely and fresh

ursut, its lovely to meet you, conty said that a girl he knows was coming on here, how are you liking the site and have you tried making any models yet?

squigly Posted: May 11th 2008

cinders i read about your shopping excursions for CUSHIONS! on the sockeye thread. sounds exhausting but fun! hope you found something at the last shop.

i had been away from the forums off and on for the last couple of weeks too. there's so many new posts that i didn't bother reading every one. just picked some interesting ones and the ol favs - like this one, socks, sockeye salmon etc. there was a pretty feisty/funny one started by gromitlove called sombreros are what they wear in tumbleweed country or something like that in tribute to Fish whose tumbleweed thread got deleted. |-) there was quite a bit of going on and on about that whole deal.;)

Ursrut Posted: May 11th 2008

I love the site, thank you. It's about the only site i go on regularly really.
Yeah i did try and do a stop motion thing but it didn't work out. The only thing i had to make the creature out of was play dough. I knew it wasn't going to work from the beginning but i tried it and it was fun enough to do.
I like to use the computer to draw things out rather then use clay and stuff. Like the cooking with Gromit thing on the creations page. ( not my best one!!)
Good luck with decorating. We were doing that only a few weeks ago. It was CHAOS!!!

cinders1 Posted: May 11th 2008

squigly yippee the last shop came up trumps!!!! and its all finished and it looks great, sounds horrible but ive done it dark green lemon and lime, its really fresh

i did have a very quick flash through some threads, i did read gromitloves thread, shes funny i think theres a great group of people on here, including you of coarse my ole buddy|-)

usrut ive not seen your entry yet but i will try and find it, oohhh and did you know that your school has now got SMP so you will soon be able to make animation films in school, conty took it to school last week so it should be up and running soon, he can tell you more as he organised it with the owner of SMP
and decorating CHAOS is right but its so lovley when youve finished and can sit and relax!!!!!!;)

squigly Posted: May 11th 2008

wow cinders your color scheme sounds like you're all set for summer. what will you do now that your decorating project is over?

Ursrut Posted: May 12th 2008

yeah i heard about it in aniamtion club last week. I think they also may do it in the iMedia which i will hopefully be doing next year.
I've got a program at home as well to do stop animation at last, goodbye days of windows movie maker and hello animation program.
Yeah it is fun to relax after helping around a bit.

cinders1 Posted: May 12th 2008

squigly RELAX i hope!!!!!! contys got quite an exciting time coming up, so i think im going to be busy running him around, and there is always the garden but with this fantasic weather we are having i just might have to get a good book and lay out in the sun;)

ursut, i rang the school today but its not clear if theyve downloaded it or not, conty seems to think that theyve only downloaded the trial:-|

the imedia course sounds really good but dont be disappointed if you dont get on it as your in the same set as conty you will be expected to stay on for the 6th form, where imedia will be taught then;)

have you got a deviantart account?

jordan Posted: May 12th 2008

getting people to join deviantart, is spreading ;)

jodyblue1 Posted: May 12th 2008

Jordan cool chris is blind he think the van is green!

Ursrut Posted: May 12th 2008

I know my that i might not get onto the Imedia thing, but it is worth a try. I am planning to go to sixth form as well so i will do it then if i don't next year.
I don't have a deviant art account due to the fact i don't actually know the site.
I'll check it out though thanks :)

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