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Michalek Posted: May 25th 2009

My name is Michalek. I live in Poland, and I like that clumsy Wallace and smart Gromit. A hour ago i watched the "Matter of Life and Death", and, well, the word "Death" in the title doesn't look like a cartoon for little kids. But, well, it's fun, entertaining, crazy ( that good kind of crazy ) and baked well ;) !

My rating is:

Play Time : 7/10
Storyline : 9/10
Music : 8/10

Overall Rating : 8/10

w&g rules Posted: Jun 3rd 2009

by the way i don't mean to be rude but it's a matter of "loaf" and death not a matter of life death ;)

Benny 123 Posted: Jun 25th 2009

I agree w&g rules

Vidpal Posted: Nov 4th 2009

you guys will probably hate me for this but i think Fluffles would be happier in just the new film, merchandise and future W&G comic books since she is a special character and coming back again and again would lose her charm:-|

Spikedbum Posted: Nov 10th 2009

That movie was good,can't beat the old dones though:D

wendywearswool Posted: Nov 27th 2009

If Fluffles doesn't appear in the next film, since she's so far been the only character to truly "join up" with our duo at the end of a film, Mr. Parks really should at least explain where she gets to at the start, probably as a bi-line in the paper.

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