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tiptopgolfy Posted: May 28th 2009

ok i would like to model and but don't know what plasterciene to buy. also could you give me soe tip or guidelines to making wallace and gromit (or is there an official way if so i would like to know.)

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 29th 2009

any help anybody

Cameronl23 Posted: May 29th 2009

Cameronl23 Posted: May 29th 2009

Cameronl23 Posted: May 29th 2009

Sorry for posting that twice:-|

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 29th 2009

also i have got the make your own morph kit but am struggling to pull the legs out of him any help

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 29th 2009

i cant pull out the hands and the legs off morph but i hear newplast is better is this true or is their an easier way off pulling out the hands and legs

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 30th 2009

help anybody

Cameronl Posted: May 30th 2009

I don't know:-|

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 30th 2009


tiptopgolfy Posted: May 31st 2009

i am not sure if anybody knows what i mean but with the make your own morph kit theres a dvd and you actually have to pull of the arms and legs but i cant any help

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 4th 2009

making morph out of newplast is there anyone that can make a good morph who can give me tips

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 5th 2009

any help anybody

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 5th 2009

i hear conty makes a great morph if your out there conty could you give me some tips

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jun 9th 2009

ant tips on how to make and

cavor Posted: Jun 14th 2009

I made a pictorial How to Make & at the end of page 3 of the model making thread, this might help you click on link below

tiptopgolfy Posted: Sep 1st 2009


tiptopgolfy Posted: Sep 2nd 2009

what do you mean by hard wood core and how do you make the palaster moulds


tiptopgolfy Posted: Sep 3rd 2009

is it only or have you done too


tiptopgolfy Posted: Sep 4th 2009

my art shop only has sculpey studio is that ok?

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 10th 2009

is the wallace and gromit model maker heads made out of plastic if so do arrdman really use plastic

Cameronl Posted: Nov 10th 2009

No they are not, only the arms and shoes for wallace, and for gromit his ears and legs!;)

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 10th 2009

thanks any more help on modelling with the tutorial

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 10th 2009

And noses and eyes

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 11th 2009


tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 11th 2009

i am sorry but cavor but what do you mean by plaster and hard wood core?

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 22nd 2010

Use Newplast plasticine or Van Aken clay. Also, I made my wallace by looking at loads of pictures of him and watching the movies. Always make the head first so you get the proportion of the rest of the character right. :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Jan 25th 2010

I use the same technique joshy!

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jan 28th 2010

what is he supported by

tiptopgolfy Posted: May 9th 2010

does your wallace contain an armature

The Aaron Shows Productions Posted: Nov 13th 2011

I've made a character named Frank and he looks somewhat like Wallace. He dosen't have an armature so he can't stand up unless supported. To make Wallace I'd make an oval and stretch out the bottom for his mouth and add the nose, eyes...etc. You can make his body with an oval too. And his legs can be tube like shapes like his arms. My character Frank has gloves cause I'm no good at hands but I'm sure there's someway you can make hands.

Hope this helps! :D

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 11th 2011

Wow thats a fantastic wallace!

SheepStroker Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

Heyya guysss I hope someone will be able to help me here. Im hoping to make a model of shaun the sheep using newplast plasticine for a project im working on. However im only going to be making the head of shaun and his arms (which im gonna place on a flat surface) Would it be possible if someone could tell if I should use some sort of chicken wire to be able to shape his arms in a curved position to hold it in place, making it look like he's got his hands on his ears, or should i just be brave and try making it without wire and hope for the best (i know it sounds confusing but just need some advice)... Ta peeps!! :)

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 24th 2012

i reckon u should probably use wire as i didn't and mid filming the model has fallen apart before and it is a disaster! even if u r not filming i would recomend some armature wire or something similar

p.s. i am planning an animation but im gonna wait until i can get some wire to make it better

Hazzahoo Posted: May 1st 2012

get newplast its really good

yianni Posted: May 2nd 2012

where do you getit hazzahoo???????????

harryboy8080 Posted: May 2nd 2012

General craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Micheals, etc.,) usually supplie Newplast. However, if Newplast isn't avaliable where you live, (like me!) then get Van Aken Claytoon. It's practically the same thing.

yianni Posted: May 12th 2012

cool thanks

cleasby99 Posted: May 26th 2012

newplast is definately the best. I made these with it 

cleasby99 Posted: May 26th 2012

sorry the picture hasnt loaded

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