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Terry T Posted: Jun 3rd 2009

I'd like to use beads for the eyes of my models, but couldn't find a place online that delivers without of minimum payment (I live in England).

If anyone could tell me a site where I can get them from I'd really appreciate it.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 4th 2009

what about shops?????like art & craft stores

Terry T Posted: Jun 4th 2009

I've had a look at a couple where I live but they don't have any... and so I would have to find another art and craft store and then find out where they are and even then they might not have any.

So that why I was asking about a place on line, I am aware about art and craft shops, if I can't find an easy way to get them (website) then I'll just have to keep looking.

Terry T Posted: Jun 6th 2009


Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 13th 2009

hobby crafft tescos ?

Terry T Posted: Jun 26th 2009

Thanks, I had a look on the HobbyCraft website and found an ideal bag of 6mm white round beads.

For anyone else looking for some.

samuelhayward Posted: Oct 17th 2011

you can use ball bearings and paint them

scottdaros Posted: Nov 3rd 2011

An easy way to make eyes that I use is to buy white Sculpey clay, roll it into a ball (any size you want), poke a hole in at and then bake it hard. Then paint the pupils/irises. Sculpey also sells a glaze so you can make them look shiny, like real eyes. Quick and easy.

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 24th 2012

I used small BB bullets and painted them white and then put black dots on them
they work just as well, if you dont have paint then use Tipex

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 26th 2012

also is a place you can get them

alibongob Posted: Nov 11th 2012

amazon thats where i got mine a bag of 500 for £3.50 it says there fishing beads but there still good

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