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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2009

Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit, paid a visit to Studio Ghibli yesterday, the Japanese animation studio renowned for its beautiful anime features, including the Oscar-winning ‘Spirited Away’.

Nick took a trip to the main building, situated around 40 minutes from Tokyo centre, where he was introduced to studio founder Hayao Miyazaki and his producer Toshio Suzuki.

Nick Park with Hayao Mizayaki and Toshio Suzuki from Studio Ghibli

A few cups of tea and several cakes later, Nick took a tour of the studio, meeting the Ghibli team and viewing the play school, designed by Mr Miyazaki himself, which provides employees with expert childcare during the working day.
The pre-school play school at Studio Ghibli, designed by Hayao Miyazaki

After the studio tour, Nick was taken to the Ghibli Museum, around a 30 minute drive from the studio, to view its current exhibitions, including a brand new Wallace and Gromit display.

Nick looks around the new Wallace & Gromit exhibit

Nick found the museum and its content extremely impressive and was impressed with the Wallace and Gromit exhibition which had opened that day. This exhibition includes original props from A Matter of Loaf and Death as well as prints of original artwork from the film.

Nick Park left his mark at the the Ghibli Museum with this signed sketch of Wallace and Gromit

Business called in the afternoon as Nick was interviewed by Mr Suzuki for his weekly radio show. Nick then attended the press preview of A Matter of Loaf and Death and met the new Japanese voice cast.

Needless to say the 60 seat cinema at Ghibli was packed to rafters with people standing to get a view of the film which received a great response from everyone there.

Cameronl Posted: Jun 4th 2009


jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2009

anymore pictures please of the artwork & exhibition, why doesnt this happen in the uk :(

ilkka Posted: Jun 5th 2009

nice!!!! thanks katien! ;):D8)0:)

Michael2008 Posted: Jun 5th 2009

wow thats sooo cool!

p-diddy475 Posted: Jun 5th 2009

thats great katie!!! i also absolutly love studio ghibli there the best films in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 5th 2009

wow brilliant. i love nick's style of drawing wallace and gromit and the display loks SOOO awesome.

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 7th 2009


efraga Posted: Jun 7th 2009

A W&G and studio Ghibli colaboration?

Yes we want!:D

mumbot Posted: Jun 9th 2009

Cracking!! I am a huge fan of GHIBLI and Ardman, so this was a treat to see them meet! I agree.. a collaboration could be genius.

ilkka Posted: Jun 10th 2009

tis is wow! ;):D8)0:)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 10th 2009

There is also a few more photos on the Ghibli website:

Cracking stuff! :D

cavor Posted: Jun 10th 2009

Super stuff Katie it looks like Nick is having a good time:D

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 14th 2009

The Japanese seem to have great taste for everything Technology, W&G, animation and many other things.

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