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snowfern Posted: Jun 20th 2009

Hi! I remember aeons ago there was a site, I'm not sure if it was official or not, that offered a free download for the dog bone and fish wallpaper that decorated the house of Wallace and Gromit...

I have been looking for it since I lost my old HDD, but can't seem to find that site anymore! does anyone remember this or have the image still?

i've found an image online of the scene with the dog bone wallpaper....

Thanks in advance!

wallace295 Posted: Jun 21st 2009

try seeing if it's still on the website

snowfern Posted: Jun 21st 2009

i don't recall the name of the site anymore, i doubt it's still around (it came out just when the first wallace and gromit 3 shorts were shown)......


jordan Posted: Jun 21st 2009

these were never on the official website, but they were on the wallace and gromit fun pack cd-roms from 1997-8, i think they were wallpapers for your PC at the time.

snowfern Posted: Jun 23rd 2009

Ahhh thanks Jordan for clearing that up!

ok now to find that fun pack....

kieran Posted: Jun 23rd 2009

kieran Posted: Jun 23rd 2009

i got these off the fun pack CD

Fish Posted: Jun 23rd 2009

Cool! Thanks for posting those, kieran!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 10th 2012


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